Tim Kane, President & CEO, Goodway TechnologiesTim Kane, President & CEO
The power plant industry has witnessed a dynamic evolution over the past few years due to the changing ownership of energy producers and the merger of plants under larger entities. In the same time period, preventative maintenance has time and again been identified as a reliable catalyst to increase return on investments, prompting power plant operators to formulate effective maintenance programs across their connected industrial floors. At the juncture of these two developments, budget constraints continue to limit the number of ground personnel for maintenance, compelling energy producers to outsource their cleaning and maintenance operations to suppliers that can deliver bespoke maintenance solutions. Enter, Goodway Technologies, a pioneer of industrial cleaning and maintenance solutions that assists power and petrochemical plants in reducing downtime and driving efficiency in their plant maintenance operations.

With more than 50 years of experience in resolving manufacturing and power generation maintenance impediments, Goodway Technologies is uniquely positioned in the market to develop innovative power plant cleaning and maintenance products that enhance overall operations and efficiencies. In order to increase efficiency and reduce shutdown time of a power plant, the company devotes its efforts to vital areas such as surface condenser cleaning and tube cleaning procedures. Unlike its counterparts, Goodway Technologies doesn’t rely on a single maintenance process to clean the surface condensers. “We analyze our clients’ problem and determine whether mechanical cleaning or projectile cleaning techniques would best address the predicament at hand. We often use chemical solutions in conjunction with these methods to effectively clean a multitude of equipment,” explains Tim Kane, president and CEO of Goodway Technologies.

Goodway Technologies delivers a broad array of products and solutions that are tailored to various client requirements. For powerhouses with adequate human resources, the company provides the products, expertise, and methodologies to maintain areas of the plant at their optimal performance levels.
On the flipside, for those short on workforce and resources, Goodway Technologies leverages its network of highly qualified cleaning contractors who exclusively utilize its methodology and equipment, along with its consultation services, to properly clean the tubes and associated machinery. “Our deep understanding of operations carried out within power plants enables us to identify gaps within the existing maintenance strategies and then recommend and deploy the right equipment and solutions that add value to plant productivity,” adds Kane. Besides the company’s exhaustive industry expertise, it offers a gamut of specialized products and solutions, designed to safely and effectively handle a wide variety of hazardous materials such as coal dust that needs to be recovered with a specialty rated explosion proof vacuum. Elaborating on Goodway Technologies’ capabilities, Kane recalls a collaboration with a large waste-to-energy plant that approached the company to address the lack of performance and efficiency in their brazed plate heat exchangers caused by scale deposits. Goodway Technologies devised a customized ‘clean-in-place’ (CIP) solution with their ScaleBreak®- MP descaling formula and GDS-15-PH pumping system to safely dissolve deposits into a liquid suspension. Circulating this solution for a few hours led to outstanding results, triggering an effective exchange of heat and notable improvements in performance while effectively increasing the overall efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Goodway Technologies aims to drive efficiency in power plants, and this is evident from the increased agility, safety, and cost-efficiency recorded by clients in their maintenance operations. Each product is crafted with a zeal for innovation and is backed up by extended warranties, which allow the company to stay ahead of its competition.

The firm is currently developing a game-changing product that will be introduced into the market in 2019 to reduce the downtime in half, allowing power plants to seamlessly continue their operations. Through these strides, the company looks forward to delivering quick and efficient power plant maintenance across the globe.