A new initiative by All Energy Solar aims to improve staff retention and increase hiring.

FREMONT, CA: "What it takes to find and keep great workers has changed. We've been listening to what our employees have to say about why they like to work at All Energy Solar, but also asking them what could be improved. At All Energy Solar, we're passionate about creating a cleaner, greener world, but also creating a company culture that feels engaged with sharing in its success." says Michael Allen, co-founder, and chief executive officer of All Energy Solar.

A company-wide discretionary profit-sharing program is implemented for every employee by All Energy Solar, one of the pioneers in solar installation in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and several other states. The idea enables employees to take a more active role in the company's success and benefit from it. This program will help with employee retention and attract green energy skills in a shifting labor market.

"This is an exciting time for solar and we see it in the demand from those who want to make the switch. We don't want to turn them away simply from not having enough people to consult, design, install - all the vital roles that make solar possible. Clean energy jobs like those we offer are playing a critical role beyond our company and the local economy, we're at the forefront of improving energy independence and fighting climate change one project at a time." says Brian Allen, co-founder, and president of All Energy Solar.

Since the beginning of this local business, the goal of owners has been working toward creating this new employee perk that shares All Energy Solar's success. Now, at a time when solar energy is as popular and significant as it has ever been, robust growth and a tight labor market have encouraged action to keep and gain pace.