Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes business, is pleased to present the release of version 20.2 of our System 1 Condition Monitoring Software on November 18th , 2020. Bently Nevada publishes two major releases of System 1 each year. The 20.2 release delivers major new capabilities to the OT/IT System Integration, Diagnostic HMI Views, and General Machinery Monitoring use cases enabled by System 1.

Several of the new features are summarized below:

• Setpoint Configuration on Replicated Databases — System 1 enables customers to replicate data from Operational Networks to Business Networks, which reduces cyber security concerns and makes data available to a greater number of persons. In this release, System 1 allows users to configure Condition Monitoring Setpoints on Replicated databases, allowing for more convenient asset management from the Business Network. Setpoints that have already been configured on Operational Network databases will remain read—only. Database configuration within Replicated Business Network databases will continue to be expanded upon in future releases.

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• OPC UA Export — System 1 OPC UA Export has been extended to support instrument hierarchy export from System 1 to OPC UA Clients. In addition, System Health Event export has also been added. This extension of OPC UA capabilities enables customers to interface the rich dataset of System 1 with external data stores for further analytics and enhanced asset insights.

• HMI View Saving & Export/Import — The graphical HMI views depicting Industrial Plants, Units, Machines, and supporting Sub—Systems can now be saved as templates and exported for use in other databases, allowing for more efficient and consistent HMI displays across the asset fleet.

• Modbus Enhancements — System 1 v20.2 enhances Modbus connectivity with many new capabilities, including support for 200 Modbus devices per database (compared to 20 devices in System 1 v20.1), and the ability to synchronize setpoints between the Control System and System 1 via Modbus.

• Rolls Section — Utilizing the new Roll Section asset model, users can configure Paper Machines, Conveyors, and Rolling Mills. Many different roll types are available, allowing the configuration to be customized for varying industrial applications.

• 5000 Machines per Database — Users can now add up to 5000 machine cases within a System 1 database (previous limit was 2000 machine cases), allowing users to configure, monitor, and compare more machines across their facility.

Users upgrading to System 1 version 20.2 will also benefit from several other improvements to the platform, as outlined in the image below:

Bently Nevada remains focused on delivering the world‘s premier plant—wide machinery management software through bi—annual product releases.