CleanSpark and Bay Area Energy Solutions jointly develops the first pilot microgrid solution for an estate residence in Healdsburg.

FREMONT, CA: CleanSpark, an advanced software and controls technology solutions firm focused on solving modern energy hurdles, and Bay Area Energy Solutions, announces that they are developing the first pilot microgrid solution for an estate residence in Healdsburg, CA.  The firm is pleased to have secured the first contract under an announced partnership agreement.

This initial project is expected to be the first of a joint initiative formed with domestic energy developers, including Bay Area Energy Solutions.  Luxury and estate homes provide a targeted niche with unique needs for which CleanSpark and its partners can offer strategic solutions. Properties of this size often need significant power for one or more structures and can even include business operations on site. CleanSpark expects to develop a major pipeline of projects within this sector.

The first implementation is a 14,000 square foot estate presently under construction. When completed, the luxury building will be operated fully grid-disconnected, using on site generation, solar, and storage handles by CleanSpark's mPulse Controller for system streamlining. The project aims to offer self-sufficient off-grid energy for locations experiencing grid disruptions from events including wildfires and public safety shutdowns. The California Energy Commission forecasts increasing volatility in areas prone to disruptions.

Kilowatt Labs's supercapacitor-powered energy storage will be deployed with photovoltaic solar panels during the first phase of the project to power the home's construction. Additional solar generators will be added once the homeowner takes residence. With development partners, CleanSpark can help solve critical energy and resiliency hurdles for these types of residences. The company is pleased to continue building its pipeline of microgrid projects with partners like Bay Area Energy Solutions, where people expect to implement multiple mPulse controlled residential microgrids in 2021.

Because this is an off-grid project, the companies worked with several energy providers, including Kilowatt Labs, to procure the electrical generation and storage for the construction phase and the home's permanent occupancy. CleanSpark's Controller will allow the customer to power their home and property efficiently, with self-sufficient, sustainable power that is not dependant on the increasingly volatile utility grid.