Valmet and Nevel strengthen cooperation with the next level automation user interface.

FREMONT, CA: Valmet and Nevel deepen their cooperation with the next level automation user interface. The new Valmet DNA User Interface will be updated in Nevel's central remote operations centre and at the company's five power plants and eleven heat plants to improve remote operations usability and data security. Valmet has previously offered automation to Nevel's central remote operations centre, power plants and heat plants.

The order was comprised of Valmet's orders received for the fourth quarter of 2020. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The delivery will take place in the summer of 2021. Valmet DNA's advanced web-based user interface widens the use of the automation system beyond conventional remote operations. Developed with the latest web technologies, it comes with safe web-based access that allows the plant teams to access relevant information whenever they require it, regardless of their location.

Nevel will fully utilize the Valmet DNA User Interface's flexibility and intuitiveness and perform its design and page configuration. Valmet also continues to offer Nevel related services. Nevel's digital operations and maintenance platform offer an opportunity to digitalize energy production and offsite processes. Based on centralized data and analytics, the digital operations and maintenance platform collect all the data needed to help business decisions, bringing significant synergy advantages and direct cost savings. Nevel wants to further invest in Valmet's technology to improve transparency to operations and set targets, and improve production predictability.

This comprehensive Valmet DNA User Interface upgrade is the best example of Valmet's commitment to the lifecycle help for the customers' assets. The latest DNA User Interface is fully compatible with earlier Valmet DNA system generations.