Dan Connelly, Director of Sales, Solar Bear EnergyDan Connelly, Director of Sales
Solar power has always been a promising form of renewable energy. Its benefits make it a great investment opportunity for businesses and individuals alike, where innovations in the space have barely scratched the surface. Breaking into the space early can bear valuable returns. However, many factors curb the widespread adoption of solar solutions and Dan Connelly, a renewable energy professional, has recognized affordability as the most pressing challenge. The high price point of installing and maintaining solar-powered equipment has earned the energy alternative an unpopular vote. With many years of experience in the utilities sector, Dan Connelly decided to act upon his realisations and established Solar Bear Energy with his father, Chris Connelly, to deliver the most effective solar solutions, keeping affordability in focus at all times.

Solar Bear Energy is driven by the duo’s passion for renewable energy resources and has developed low-maintenance, risk-free, and affordable products. The company offers clients a handful of no-money-down lending policies for its solar panel installation services to help businesses and individuals better realise solar energy’s monetary and environmental benefits. The solar loan can be paid at a lower, fixed price in place of monthly electric bills. After the installation, clients are able to produce their own power, save on electricity bills, and move a step closer toward self-sufficiency. They can also sell excess energy back to their concerned power agencies and generate revenue passively.
Solar Bear Energy offers post-installation inspections, handles related paperwork to connect the panels to the local power grid, and has made provisions for customers to monitor the installed systems from their personal computers. Such facilities, coupled with its ability to obtain city permits and approvals expeditiously, make Solar Bear Energy quite the partner in today’s utilities economy.

The company further increases the allure of solar energy by addressing the many supply chain issues faced by the industry. Procuring solar panel supplies in recent times has become difficult due to high freight costs and increasingly complex logistics operations. Solar Bear Energy, a tier I solar module distributor, collaborates with key manufacturers to tackle these impediments and provides high-quality panels at flexible and competitive prices.

We provide our customers a 25- year production and performance warranty along with a ten-year workmanship warranty, increasing the quality of their customer experience.

It is important to note that Solar Bear Energy places much emphasis on carrying forth the values of integrity and honesty in its service delivery. The following instance of how it helped a client overcome their energy problems perfectly showcases how imperative the customer experience is for the company. The client, a family-owned baking enterprise, noticed an exponential increase in the electricity bill after their generator broke down. This negatively affected the produce stored within the freezer, which was simply unacceptable. Leveraging the 12k Sol-Ark system, the client sought to maximise efficiency through a 110 percent off-set, which required an additional inverter. Solar Bear Energy provided them with its micro inverters: a more cost-effective solution than buying another 12k Sol-Ark system. The solar energy experts additionally integrated both systems for improved operability via a combiner box and installed ten-kilowatt hours of Fortress batteries with the Sol-Ark inverter, delivering on the client’s distinctive requirements.

With such core competencies, Solar Bear Energy has assisted numerous business owners switch to solar with custom systems and coach them to make better financial decisions. Moving forward, the company intends to better leverage the potential of its globally diverse team of professionals—including army veterans—and design the most holistic solutions in the market. The ultimate goal of Solar Bear Energy is to leave no room for excuses when it comes to adopting renewable energy.