Jordan Bielefeld, Vice President, UpTowerJordan Bielefeld, Vice President
The wind energy industry is booming with numerous companies entering the fray, making it essential for turbine manufacturers and owners to look for a competent wind turbine service company. However, many service providers in the market do not have the necessary knowledge and expertise required to address the needs of owners and manufacturers efficiently. This is where UpTower comes in.

Established in 2019, UpTower is a top-tier service provider offering a wide range of wind turbine services, including aftermarket parts installs such as ultra-capacitors, turn-key maintenance, O&M support, commissioning, blade inspections via drone, troubleshooting support, and oil changes, among others. “We started UpTower with a team of like-minded people with one common goal—to truly be the best in the industry,” says Jordan Bielefeld, Vice President, Renewable Operations, UpTower. The company delivers efficient, effective, high-quality services, helping clients realize that there is a safer and more cost-effective way to manage their wind turbine fleet.

The UpTower team provides customized solutions that address the unique needs of clients. The company prides themselves on a customer-first driven mentality. They work with the client to get to the root cause of the issue and arrive at an all-encompassing solution that will help them avoid challenges in the future. This is exactly what UpTower delivers; a custom solution that solves their problems, correctly, while being cost-effective.

UpTower follows or exceeds industry best practices and offers a crew of qualified professionals for an array of wind turbine services. They utilize advanced technology applications to complete their work that best fits the customer’s needs. The UpTower team continues to remain free of OSHA recordable injuries to date, which is a testament to their safety standards.

As a Trained Service Provider, UpTower is committed to setting the right standards for wind turbine service in the industry through its certified training programs. Adhering to the high safety culture of clients, UpTower ensures that its technicians are continually trained and certified so that they can offer services of the highest standard. The company also provides basic safety training courses, providing education in the areas of wind specific training in first aid, manual handling, fire awareness, and working at heights that meet GWO standards.

“We have one of the best Global Wind Organization (GWO)- certified training programs delivered at our renewable specific training facility,” says Bielefeld. Not only does this training help people from the industry, but it also equips technicians of all levels with the knowledge and skills that the industry demands today. In addition to the basic training, the company also provides advanced electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic training to their own technicians, readying them to take on operations to the highest standards possible.
  • I’m extremely proud of the team we have. The success of UpTower comes down to the hard work and focus on providing the highest quality work at the highest safety standards possible. Our team is on track to being the best in the industry

By offering premium wind turbine services and superior customer experience, UpTower has secured its place at the helm of the renewable energy sector. The company stays abreast of emerging trends and challenges in the wind energy industry to better meet the evolving customer requirements.