Instead of approaching each customer with the goal of selling a product or service, we start the conversation from a place of wanting to help them solve a problem or achieve a goal.” The wisdom within this adage appears to rapidly fade in today’s solar marketplace. Most businesses are focused on selling and generating massive revenues without succinctly understanding the customer requirements.
Kansas City-based RisingSun Solar, in this regard, begs to differ. The company is a premium solar energy installer that is flipping the script in the solar energy space through its consultative approach. It lays great emphasis on educating clients about the crucial nuances of leveraging solar energy tech. “We teach our clients everything we know: from how solar works, to explaining the best hardware options available, to illustrating how net metering works with their specific utility. This is how we build trusting relationships with our customers and earn their business,” says Keith Murphy, President of RisingSun Solar.

Partnering with the world’s leading manufacturers, RisingSun Solar specializes in designing, engineering, and installing the highest quality products on the market. RisingSun Solar begins with a comprehensive understanding of a client’s monthly electricity requirements. Based on a person’s historical energy usage, their staff draws up an accurate and detailed proposal using sophisticated software, which even analyzes data from satellite imaging and solar production estimates. This enables the company to come up with proposals so precise, the error margin is within 10 percent. RisingSun Solar also considers the seasons and weather patterns to maximize harnessing and storing solar energy throughout the year.

To ensure transparency regarding customer relations, RisingSun Solar leverages CRMs that enable business process automation for a hassle-free user experience and customer service. Such a customer-centric approach has helped RisingSun Solar to gain dozens of five-star reviews.

The company has helped a legion of clients across its multiple locations: Kansas City, MO; St. Louis, MO; Houston, TX; Wichita, KS; and Oklahoma City, OK.Dealing primarily in residential, agricultural, and commercial solar energy projects, RisingSun Solar enables many clients to save substantially on their electricity bills. Murphy shares an instance where the company successfully catered to a husband and wife pair.
While the wife was an environmental studies professor inclined toward saving the environment, her husband avoided solar installation as he did not want to incur the costs of a solar panel installation. RisingSun Solar’s consultative and methodological approach helped them both to realize that they were on the same page. Their electricity bill was reduced from $307 to $35 a month. This helped the husband save money and enabled the professor to practice what she preaches.

Tyler Tucker, Managing Partner & President of Sales
Keith Murphy, President
“Our goal is not just to make as many sales as possible. It’s to help people spend less on their electricity bills, invest in their property, and create clean energy,” adds Tyler Tucker, Managing Partner & President of Sales at RisingSun Solar.

Scripting several success stories with a mission to enable homeowners to save their hard-earned money, the company continues to propel the local solar industry to new heights. Tucker passes the credit of such success to the team of RisingSun Solar. “We are one cohesive unit that truly believes in a culture driven company. We’ve been very fortunate to have such great employees who treat our customers so well. That has ultimately allowed us to grow quickly,” says Tucker.

Looking ahead, RisingSun Solar is developing a suite of business tools that will help in efficiently running its business and offer better customer service. This, in turn, will help the company provide its products at a more cost-effective rate.
Soon, RisingSun Solar will use artificial intelligence to further improve installation processes. With an aim to go nationwide within the next five years, “We will continue to strive toward energy independence in the transition away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable, and reliable solar energy,” concludes Murphy.