Grid4C:  Driving The Energy World With AI And ML

The Dawn of an Era of Innovative Technology

The global energy sector with its vast landscape of evolving energy systems, devices, applications and consumers have led to companies embracing sustainable and renewable energy resources to accommodate the growing consumption and demand for energy. Resources like solar, wind, water and geothermal are leading the curve and the trend is expected to continue in the future.

Energy tech solutions providers are leveraging a combination of technologies like real-time system monitoring, advanced metering infrastructure, smart grids and innovations such as cloud mobility, big data analytics and IoT to bring about optimized energy consumption at reduced costs. IIoT technologies, which include smart meters and intelligent appliances are bringing automation into energy management and making solutions affordable for energy management and distribution companies. Traditional models of large centrally distributed energy production are being replaced by modular evenly distributed power generation.

Going ahead, blockchain, AI and other automation techniques are making a significant impact in the energy space by enabling renewable to be self-optimizing while increasing their efficiency. Along with targeting an audience of organizations in the energy landscape, intelligent technologies are empowering consumers to utilize energy productively. Energy solution providers are also creating energy-as-a-service subscription models to aid companies in dealing with high charges and energy wastage. The integration of data analytics in energy solutions has helped organizations in recognizing the power inefficiencies automatically and is promoting quick decision-making for better energy savings.

Shedding light on the unique possibilities that technology can offer, in this edition of Energy Tech Review we have put together a list of companies that are revolutionizing the energy landscape with leading-edge technologies. We hope this edition will assist you in choosing a solution that best fits your requirements.

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    Top Companies

  • An American lighting manufacturer that integrates innovative LED lighting technology with wireless capabilities and an energy data management platform to deliver up to 80 percent energy savings to customers in the high mast lighting market

  • Provides intelligent energy insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities

  • Provides smart lithium-based power backup solutions for the telecom industry

  • Specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced battery and power systems across a broad range of portable, motive and stationary applications

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