Ali Samana, Founder & Owner, 1 Solar SolutionAli Samana, Founder & Owner
An alumnus of the University of Texas in Dallas, a U.S. Navy veteran, and award-winning entrepreneur, Ali Samana has a passion for renewable energy. He is inspired to help people go green and save green amidst his prime concern about high fossil fuel consumption in the U.S for electricity generation. In fact, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, fossil fuels are the largest sources of energy for electricity generation in the U.S. For instance, 63 percent of U.S. electricity in 2018 was generated from fossil fuels. Samana observes that, unfortunately, beyond the rising cost of electricity consumed, the use of fossil fuels for power generation gravely harms the environment through pollution, land degradation, global warming, and more. This scenario revealed a rather remarkable fact to Samana—people can either continue to pay rising electricity bills while burning fossil fuels that degrade the environment, or they can opt for solar energy to save cost and help protect the environment. The win-win scenario of the second choice and the massive decrease in the costs of solar insulation with technological advancement inspired Samana to found 1 Solar Solution, a premier solar installation company based in Frisco, Texas. “The sun is a massive powerhouse providing trillions of Watts of energy. Our solar panel installations help tap this energy and can showcase you the real savings and real environmental benefits," says Ali Samana, Founder & Owner, 1 Solar Solution.

“Our 10KW solar installation can save you as much as $1000 per year, and it is equivalent to over 270 trees being planted.”

Our solar panel installations help tap this energy and can showcase you the real savings and real environmental benefits

The company’s dedication toward harnessing solar energy to benefit the world both environmentally and economically has earned 1 Solar Solution a position on Energy CIO Insights’ esteemed list of leading renewable energy service providers.

Residential, small, medium, and large commercial clients, as well as school districts, go green with the help of 1 Solar. The company’s seasoned solar installers and engineers have decades of experience in both the Texas Electric Market and the Renewable Energy Sector. They are committed to providing a complete turn-key solar solution to clients from design to implementation. In terms of the whole installation process, the 1 Solar team follows a methodology that begins with a simple in-home or over-the-phone consultation between the company's expert solar consultants and the clients. The consultants then decide on the best way to reduce the clients' energy cost and carbon footprint and create a proposal for the clients. The proposal includes the layout of exactly where solar panels will be installed, the total amount of grants and rebates they may qualify for, and their total investment in the project, alongside details about the 30 percent Federal Tax Credit with the project timeline.
1 Solar then helps clients finance the project, and builds interconnection associated with utilities, and gets approval for paperwork dealing with the homeowners association (HoA) and city permission. Installation is then scheduled and executed. In addition, the clients also get free personal tax return preparation for one year through 1 Solar’s partner CPA firm.

For any issue during the entire process, 1 Solar goes out of their way to attend to their clients’ concerns. The company’s experienced consultants keep the channels of communication with their clients open, and Samana himself is accessible for consultation, even during the weekends.

Busy with solar installations across Northern Texas, 1 Solar has worked on fortifying their home base, the DFW Metroplex. The company plans to grow strong first in their state, country, and then beyond, into other markets.

Overall, Samana not only lauds the passion of their clients towards having a pro-environmental impact but states that, “we practice what we preach and in the office, we don't use plastic bottles, we all have refillable cups, we have a cooler and we try to recycle as much as we can.” “It is all about us being good caretakers of each other and then of the world,” concludes Samana.