Susan Kennedy, Founder, Director & CEO, Advanced Microgrid SolutionsSusan Kennedy, Founder, Director & CEO
There’s possibly no sector today that doesn’t intend to leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning. Ranging from retail to food & beverage chains, almost every realm today has leveraged the benefits of cutting-edge technological disciplines such as AI to entice customers and amplify returns. The energy sector too is leaving no stone unturned to capitalize on the benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Many legacy utility firms are choosing the assistance of leading AI vendor firms to exploit the benefits of traditional enterprise data.

During recent times, Advanced Microgrid Solutions, a California-based firm has garnered the reputation for being a trusted partner of many firms belonging to the energy sector and helping them amplify their capabilities by assisting them in advanced analytics.

Advanced Microgrid Solutions, or AMS, as it is commonly known, offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to enterprises belonging to the energy sector. The organization has employed various deep learning algorithms to enhance the capabilities of its platform and enable strategically, optimized trading of complex assets in energy markets. “We have developed a holistic energy asset optimization platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and helps our clients amass higher returns,” mentions Susan Kennedy, Founder, CEO, and Director, Advanced Microgrid Solutions.

Popularly known as the Energy Markets Trading Platform, this solution is aimed at optimization of energy assets belonging to utility firms. Ranging from batteries to power harnessed through solar, hydroelectric and various other energy sources, the AMS platform strives to help its clients accomplish efficient utilization. Adoption of the platform offers assistance in risk assessment and offers a wide range of benefits that were previously impossible. The many benefits of the AMS Energy Markets Trading Platform include market trading, probabilistic nodal price forecasting, and price elastic co-optimization.

We have developed a holistic energy asset optimization platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and helps our clients amass higher returns

The organization employs deep neural networks to predict volatility in rapidly changing energy markets by generating a probabilistic time series of price forecasts.

Legacy firms belonging to the energy sector have often failed to leverage the benefits of their traditional data volumes. AMS has helped several firms mitigate this challenge by assisting clients with advanced analytics. In a bid to assist the traditional players, the company has developed its unique Distributed Energy Resource (DER) platform that combines advanced analytics with continuous optimization. This unique solution is aimed at the amplification of financial returns from distributed energy resource portfolios.

The DER platform too offers several advantages such as portfolio aggregation and design, revenue forecasting and dispatch as well as asset optimization and performance. As the phrase suggests, asset optimization and performance is a way to amplify customer savings, retail revenues, and wholesale market revenues. The revenue forecasting and dispatch aspect are aimed at efficient battery storage, solar PV and load control. Portfolio aggregation, another important feature of DER fleet optimization is quite helpful in event forecasting and creating tariff schedules.

One of the vital reasons behind the organization’s successes is its team, which comprises of energy market experts, data scientists and technology developers that have designed, built, operated, and financed some of the most complex energy assets in the world. The organization aims to enhance its platform and customer service capabilities immensely in the days to come.