Field labor automation is fast gaining importance as energy and utility industries are seeking the most effective ways in which they can improve their business processes. Westlake Software, Inc., a wireless business solutions provider has recently extended its field labor services platform, AIRmobility® to support a complete field labor management suite offering a wide variety of tools and controls for any manager or operation center.

Offered as a Software-as-a-Service, AIRmobility supports energy, utility or any kind of operation to easily support mobile surveys, incident reports, audits, time cards or interactive training; items typically completed with pen and paper. AIRmobility allows companies to dynamically migrate to a true wireless environment while integrating several functions such as telematics support like GPS tracking, mobile bar coding, photos, audio, video, signature, back office integration, data collection, reports and dashboards among others. The company’s objective is to enable management to have complete visibility into field labor activities without physically being there.

In its endeavor to enhance business processes, Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO), the global leader of outdoor advertising products and services, was set out to transform the way in which their field labor teams were managed. AIRmobility’s comprehensive and customized wireless solution integrated GPS tracking, photo capture support, field bar code scanning and back-office into CCO’s existing infrastructure. “The solution has largely eliminated the possibility of data entry errors and now offers our customers real-time insight into their advertising campaigns,” stated Mike Porter, Senior Vice President of IT, CCO.

The solution provides a comprehensive end-to-end wireless data collection, submission and reporting platform self-customized according to the clients’ business objectives. From dynamically creating virtually any field labor form to dashboard views of the data, AIRmobility enhances every aspect of the mobile experience in an easy-to-use way. “Given the simplicity of the software, AIRmobility can be utilized by any team which is mobile like maintenance, operations, inspectors, auditors, and even security personnel,” says Sean Crowley, President, AIRmobility, North American region.

AIRmobility provides an easy to view dashboard, like a visual report card that allow management to keep a check on its field force

The platform helps its clients distribute or deploy any type of resource file or document, which assists the mobile groups working in the field. With AIRmobility’s dashboards, clients can have a single-page view of the field activities and ensure that the mobile teams are working in tandem with the recent developments taking place in the organization. “AIRmobility provides an easy to view dashboard, like a visual report card that allow management to keep a check on its field force,” says Crowley. AIRmobility also supports true store-and-forward with all supported apps enabling users to work both in and out of network coverage.

“Our most recent product enhancements include a customizable breaking-news feed and a dynamically updating resource file center,” added Crowley. The breaking news feed enables management to continuously push important updates on any subject matter to their entire mobile workforce. The resource file center allows administrators to synchronize manuals, graphics, training materials, video, audio and any file type supported by the mobile device operating system. This would effectively replace a service such as the Box.

AIRmobility supports Windows 8.1 and 10, Windows phone as well as some support for Android. It is specifically optimized for both touch screen and rugged PC use. AIRmobility is currently used in over 46 counties and also supports a localization module for multiple language support.