Nezih Atuk, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Aksa Power GenerationNezih Atuk, Head of Marketing and Business Development
Founded in 1968, Aksa Power Generation is a global leader in the standby power systems industry, with unmatched capabilities in manufacturing various industrial generators. The company manufactures a range of 1-3000 kVA gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and marine generator sets, lighting towers, and generator hardware. It has an enriched global product portfolio, including tailor-made solutions—a testament to its deep know-how in synchronized gensets and short lead times.

As one of the world’s first manufacturers of natural gas generators, Aksa Power Generation has an undisputed legacy regarding synchronized systems. The company continues to stay unchallenged in this niche with its persistent technological innovation that allows it to manufacture more soundproof, environment-friendly generators with lower fuel consumption.

Clients can use Aksa Power Generation’s industry-agnostic products in various applications, including water facilities, construction, oil & gas, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunication, and data centers—thanks to its strong UL know-how. Combined with the ability to deliver high-quality, reliable, customer-centric products, after-sales services, and support, the company serves as the most sought-after generator manufacturer and supplier globally.

Behind this success is Nezih Atuk’s expertise in strategic marketing management, who leads Aksa Power Generation as the Head of Marketing and Business Development. He is globally-known for his marketing capabilities in fast-growing and rapidly changing industries, especially in new product development and go-to-market strategies. Atuk brought this know-how to lead the company to be one of the best power generation companies globally. Needless to say, his omni-channel strategies and integrated marketing efforts have positioned it ahead of the curve, outperforming many billion-dollar giants.

“We’re among the top five global firms in the standby power systems space, serving clients in 178 countries with 25 offices, three production facilities, and two trade centers in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America,” says Atuk.

Aksa Power Generation’s massive global stock, tailored production capabilities, industry know-how, and market-centric approach enable it to produce generators that meet clients’ varying requirements. These capabilities stay instrumental in helping the company address supply chain and logistics bottlenecks in the post-pandemic world, where the number of projects is rising. Besides providing industry-best lead times, competitive pricing, and high-quality products, Aksa Power Generation leveraged its global network to augment its logistics capabilities to deliver products to some of the most challenging locations, including the top of the mountain, using a helicopter.

Illustrating Aksa Power Generation’s value proposition is its collaboration with Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA), which has chosen it as the power supplier for Istanbul’s new airport. Aksa Power Generation deployed 45 units of its AP2500 model generator sets with other generators capable of generating 105 MW power for the airport. The installation was equivalent to a medium-scaled power plant that helped the client have 24/7 live infrastructure, supporting their ever-increasing number of passengers and coordinating thousands of flights by working synchronously with the main power supply. The client’s corresponding services were uninterruptedly operational with Aksa Power Generation’s superior power generation capabilities. The company continues to support this world’s largest airport project, addressing their varying power requirements.
  • We’re one among the top five global firms in the standby power systems space, serving clients in 178 countries with 25 offices, three production facilities, and two trade centers in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America

Aksa Power Generation also supported the client’s IGA’s data-center facility with its AP2500 DCC Generators. The company was able to manufacture and install these generator sets quickly, providing 96 MW of energy to support the client’s operations.

Aksa Power Generation attributes these successes to its longstanding legacy in the standby power systems industry, which is backed by Kazancı Holding, a global player in energy, electricity, natural gas, power generation, agriculture, and tourism industries. With the continued support from its parent company, Aksa Power Generation is always looking for new avenues of innovation. As a result, the company is eager to focus on a range of new products and technologies, including Tier-4 final engine-driven and EPA-certified mobile products, hybrid generators, parallel systems, twin-power, cogeneration-trigeneration systems, rental generators, and Uptime certification compliant data-center generators. Being agile at its core, Aksa Power Generation always strives to find new opportunities in the standby power systems industry and redirect its innovations to expand its product portfolio to align with the changing tide.