William Chen, CEO, Aleo SolarWilliam Chen, CEO
The looming threat of climate change is real. With temperatures gradually rising, the world has increasingly turned toward renewable energy sources as a sustainable solution to produce carbon-and nuclear-free energy. In the quest to stave off the ill effects of global warming, solar, as a nascent technology, took wings in the early 1970s. Many rows of solar panels in varied hues of blue and black optimally oriented to catch the sun’s rays to the maximum are the conclusive proof of an ideal model for producing alternative clean energy. As the solar power mission gathers momentum, Aleo Solar is spearheading the revolution with solar panels made with high-efficiency PERC technology that withstands the test of time.

Driven by an innate focus to deliver high performance and reliability, Aleo Solar excels in manufacturing solar panels that are an epitome of unparalleled German craftsmanship. “Our residential solar panels come with the hallmark of quality, and are guaranteed to last for at least 25 years, continuing to generate power up to 50 years,” says William Chen, CEO, Aleo Solar. Chen explains that most solar panel installers prefer products that tick the box on quality and reliability, and not encounter any problems that lead to replacement or repairs. Aleo Solar demonstrates its prowess by delivering products that offer homeowners hassle-free operations and the stamp of reliability that brings added value to the real estate.

The company strives to improve quality control at every step of the way. “After starting our business in 2001, our own testing lab and climate chamber quickly followed, with a definite emphasis on stronger testing criteria,” says Chen.

“Testing is crucial to detect any quality problems at the root, when the product is expected to operate well for several decades.” Aleo Solar´s modules are tested internally far beyond the criteria and conditions that are required by IEC standards.

Our residential solar panels come with the hallmark of quality and are guaranteed to last for at least 25 years

Even as the solar panel is the critical component in power generation to absorb the sun’s light and generate power, ascertaining the solar inverter’s quality is also equally important to turn businesses and homes into a sustainable energy hub. The Aleo Solar team collaborates with their partners right from the early stages of technological innovation and tests the products to offer suggestions on design improvements before it hits the market. They also provide feedback from the market to fine-tune the product’s efficiency. “Our business partners have to be aligned with our core concept of providing products that score high on efficiency and quality at competitive costs,” states Chen. Aleo Solar’s robust and reliable products empower customers with trouble-free and stable operations, making it the provider of choice for numerous customers. It comes as no surprise that Aleo Solar’s sturdy product won hands down when a particular customer searched for a product that could deliver maximum efficiency even in extreme climatic conditions. Last year, the company’s solar panels were installed at an Antarctic research station to perform as part of the stations power grid. The panels sourced for this project needed to be tremendously stable as well as able to perform in some of the harshest conditions in the world.

For the road ahead, technology upgradations and production capacity expansions are on the anvil with a new production line set to become operational in a new facility in the second quarter of 2021. The next line of solar panels is designed to deliver higher power and efficiency. On the technology front, Aleo solar is collaborating in a number of research projects with other leading institutions in Europe to implement new technologies that will uphold their long-held commitment to deliver higher efficiency.