A leading manufacturing company that specializes in the production of packaging films was facing quality assurance (QA) issues. The company usually took its consignments on a made-to-order or configure-to-order basis, because each of its orders had a different set of requirements in terms of product characteristics. To fulfill the specific needs and deliver good quality products, therefore, the manufacturing company needed to adjust the production line settings for each of its consignments. Even then, the packaging films were not meeting the required standards, and the degraded product was inversely impacting the customer experience and generating lower profit margins. For the manufacturing company, the biggest challenge was to identify the root cause of their low-quality output and find a remedy for that. The manufacturing company’s search for a suitable solution led them to Altizon, an industrial IoT company from Scotts Valley, CA.

Altizon implemented its proprietary smart IoT-enabled manufacturing intelligence solution, Datonis MInt to find the sources of the quality degradation problem for the manufacturing company. The IoT solution can process the machine and its historical performance data, and establish a correlation between machine settings and production output. The insights offered by the Datonis MInt gave the manufacturing company’s QA team the ability to monitor critical machine settings parameters, ascertain whether they are in statistical control, and eventually correlate the process and machine data to identify two critical parameters (pressure and tension) that were causing the problem. Based on this insight, a prescriptive quality model was built that aimed to change the machine configuration for every new order. The manufacturing intelligence helped the company in achieving predictable quality goods.

“Right now we have reached the critical point where manufacturers need to either embrace the digital transformation or face the possibility of becoming obsolete,” says Vinay Nathan, co-founder and CEO of Altizon. And this is where Altizon has been able to strike its impact with its Datonis suite of solutions. Altizon’s Datonis is a fully managed IIoT platform that lets the organization securely connect and process IoT data.
It provides the ability to analyze and visualize data in real-time, integrates IIoT data into business applications and makes operational decisions to impact business operations and bottom-lines. The platform follows standard connectivity protocols and is supported by all operating systems, including custom real-time operating systems. The second offering of the suite is Datonis MInt, which connects with clients’ heterogeneous plant floor systems and measures key performance indicators. The Datonis MInt module collects data from machines, existing SCADA and DCS systems, enterprise data historians and manufacturing execution systems (MES) to a single repository that provides a holistic view into clients’ manufacturing operations data. Lastly, Datonis Edge, the final solution in the Datonis suite can overcome unstable connectivity issues. The Datonis Edge is a store and forward system and has a built-in cache for storing messages when offline. Additionally, it also uses data batching, compression and various other techniques to ensure that it can deal with limited network data bandwidth.

Right now we have reached the critical point where manufacturers need to either embrace the digital transformation or face the possibility of becoming obsolete

At present, the company is helping drive digital transformation of a leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) company in 11 plants across the globe. ALtizon is also assisting a leading tire manufacturer in determining significant savings on the usage of consumables at a leading tire manufacturer. With a global footprint of over 100 enterprise users, Altizon plans to continue offering its services to help enterprises accelerate smart manufacturing initiatives, modernize asset performance management services, and launch new business models for service delivery, among other processes. Altizon’s proven technology is being used in many industries, including the automotive, steel, chemical, energy and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets.