Being passionate and steadfast in his belief towards energy efficiency, George Sakellaris founded Ameresco [NYSE:AMRC] in April 2000. He aspired to build an entirely product-neutral and supplier-independent energy company that had the skills, capabilities and foresight to create energy solutions going beyond just conservation. The President and CEO aims at addressing a customer’s entire energy stream including supply and demand, energy efficiency and renewable energy through his Framingham, MA based company. Since Ameresco’s inception, Sakellaris and his team have continued to innovate and utilize the latest advances in technology to support their customers’ requirements, and provide more opportunities for greater energy efficiency and renewable energy.

As one of the country’s largest renewable asset developers, Ameresco provides renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions on both sides of the meter. The company designs, develops, constructs, owns and sometimes operates client-owned renewable energy sources. As a developer of renewable power projects, they leverage their expertise in solar and landfill gas, for example, to develop operating energy assets. “Our renewable energy solutions allow organizations to capitalize on the most innovative energy technologies by creating unique financing arrangements, such as Power Purchase Agreements, which make using clean sources of power a viable solution,” adds Sakellaris. From rooftop and ground-mount solar, to solar arrays on capped landfills and solar thermal installations—as well as biomass, biogas and landfill-gas-to-energy solutions— Ameresco offers a wide variety of innovative renewable technologies to support customer requirements.

The company also offers a wide variety of energy information analytical tools, supporting customers’ unique requirements. For example, with AXIS invoice management, they can consolidate and analyze energy bills to identify opportunities for savings, set long-term price rates to mitigate market fluctuations. On the other hand, Building Dynamics’ energy monitoring and reporting tool provides powerful analytics to enable users to quickly understand and visualize energy consumption patterns and identify savings opportunities. Ameresco also performs custom, property-wide audits to uncover areas for cost savings from energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy management, including providing a budget-neutral solution through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Ameresco worked with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) on a $45 million ESPC, serving two federal buildings within the GSA’s National Capital Region outside of Washington, D.C. The ESPC with Ameresco included comprehensive Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to reduce total energy consumption of the two federal buildings by 60 percent, which exceeds GSA’s established energy and water conservation goals for the challenge. Both buildings were modernized with the installation of 11,000 individually addressable LED lighting fixtures controlled by a network of sensors and new central chilled water plant that consisted of two new high efficiency chillers and one new chiller-heater. In one of the buildings, the project included an 808kW solar canopy to cover all unshaded areas of its north parking lot surrounded by new rain gardens to support existing storm water catch basins. This deep retrofit project supports the GSA in meeting its commitment towards the President’s Better Building Challenge which directed federal agencies to leverage $25 billion worth of performance-based contracts for energy savings at no upfront cost to taxpayers.

Our renewable energy solutions allow organizations to capitalize on the most innovative energy technologies by creating unique financing arrangements

Ameresco expects to continue growing in the markets and industries they serve throughout North America and Europe. They want to continue providing tremendous customer value with innovative, technically-advanced, comprehensive solutions that fulfill their customers’ goals, objectives, and sustainability requirements. “I am gratified by Ameresco’s success to date, and we will continue to advocate for even more widespread adoption of energy efficiency, strategic energy utilization, sustainable business practices, and renewable energy sourcing,” concludes Sakellaris.