Bill Wang, President, Amergy SolarBill Wang, President
Incorporating solar power into the existing electricity infrastructure is more important now than ever with the imminent threat posed by climate change, and the need to reach net-zero carbon emissions. In the race is a ground-breaking, turnkey company, Amergy Solar, with a mission to accelerate the transition from traditional to renewable clean energy.

Amergy’s expertise is diverse as it works as developers, independent power producers, management, and integration and engineering, procurement, and construction contractors. It focuses on both large and small-scale power usage, with a client base ranging from commercial users like ice rinks, sports facilities, and warehouses to private residents and communities.

“We are a vertically integrated company. Everything a client needs is available in-house and one does not have to walk out of our office at any point of a project,” says Bill Wang, president at Amergy Solar.
All aspects of a project are managed in-house, from initiation to deployment. Amergy hosts all the required components, including resources, engineering, and construction. This allows it to take complete control over a project and drive efficiency.

Its professional structure and electrical engineers drive the seamless completion of each project. Its diversity and company culture assure that its staff works in unison to meet goals. A team of experts and ingenious designs help clients easily earn government approvals for their projects. Amergy also takes pride in its procurement team, which sources supplies while tackling shortages in the industry.

To fast-track supply and construction, Amergy employs automation in many of the processes to enhance project completion. For instance, a project that would usually take two to three months is completed in 40 to 45 days, making it one of the fastest installation rates in the industry.

As an added advantage of going solar, Amergy offers its clients cutting-edge technology—the HIT photovoltaic module—that track solar production and savings from any location. It also assists clients in increasing ROI by leveraging most of its solar technology solutions, which allow them to build on power purchase agreements. This is a great choice for customers as there are no installation fees. They pay only for the power produced at a significantly lower rate than what the utility company charges.

We are a vertically integrated company and work as developers, independent power producer, management, integration and engineering, procurement and construction

Amergy also paves the way for commercial incentives that include federal tax credits, state credits and incentives, and substantial savings on utility bills. Its solar energy system helps clients increase their internal rate of return with a minimum payback of three years. Amergy also offers clients the option of capital leasing, which allows them to purchase a system without an expenditure, while gaining tax breaks and bonuses.

In its residential projects, Amergy helps clients save between 30 and 50 percent on their electric bills, and state incentives supplement these savings. It offsets the carbon footprint of buildings. As a clean energy advocate, Amergy’s expert staff is helping clients make a significant impact on the environment.