The emergence of IoT-driven industrial revolution, ‘Industry 4.0,’ has resulted in a paradigm shift where production environments and backend operations are interconnected through sensors, microcontrollers, and wireless communication devices. With industries, public infrastructure, and devices generating more data which can be harnessed through IoT, organizations can derive actionable insights. To enable companies to design and build innovative IoT products, Analog Devices, Inc. creates pioneering semiconductor devices, sensors, processors, converters, and transceivers. By providing the intelligence, reliability, and accuracy to bridge the physical and the digital worlds, the company addresses the needs of many industries through its state-of-the-art products, taking the innovation to the next level. Powering the future of wireless communication, Analog Devices caters to aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, healthcare and security, and surveillance, among others.

A leader in the semiconductor manufacturing space, Analog Devices has innovated a plethora of components, from Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave components, industrial Ethernet, sensors, and micro-electro-mechanical system to switches and multiplexers. Providing the necessary components that connect systems, sense the object movement and human behavior and analyze data in real time will broaden the industrial capability, giving the CIOs a wide range of discrete components to choose from. What gives Analog Devices a competitive advantage is an open culture of innovation and the ability to foster new thinking among customers through its products.

To replace the traditional serial Fieldbus, Analog Devices has introduced high-quality industrial Ethernet systems encompassing higher bandwidth capacity to seamlessly connect the enterprise networks, empowering the workforce to execute their work faster.
The biggest challenge, however, in designing a product that supports the industrial Ethernet is to select a reference design that conforms to different standards. Analog Devices ensures all those standards are accommodated into its products.

Another set of popular components manufactured by Analog Devices includes switches and multiplexers covering single-to-multiple switch elements with varying signal ranges to meet any customer need. Catering to the industrial demand for a smart sensor that equips system designers with next-generation performance and integration capabilities, Analog Devices had added a new family of intelligent sensors to its product line: The iSensor®. One of its variants, iSensor® MEMS IMU, combines accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetic field sensors, temperature sensors, and control devices. To facilitate seamless designing, prototyping, and development of a variety of acoustic products, Analog Devices has recently launched an innovative platform, SHARC® Audio Module.

TRX Systems, which builds location-based products, faced a multitude of challenges when crafting its TRX Systems Sentrix® Tracking System that assists first responders in locating people in GPS-denied environments such as caves, mines, and even buildings. TRX Systems assimilated ADI’s iSensor® ADIS16365 inertial sensor into each tracking unit of the solution, enabling the identification of user motions such as running, walking, and crawling to detect their presence easily. Integrating multiple axes of gyroscope and accelerometer helped the team achieve a compact design that gives the user the ability to move freely.

Analog Devices is renowned for its commitment to achieving sustainability and fostering a culture of innovation. Analog Devices prides itself on making its products flexible and adaptive, allowing the clients to evolve with the incessant technological developments.