Gary E. Dickerson, President & CEO, APPLIED MATERIALSGary E. Dickerson, President & CEO
Every organization today is eyeing toward expanding its workflow and productivity in a way that doesn’t exploit the natural resources surrounding them. Environment sustainability has become a burgeoning concern among business organizations worldwide. Driven by this need, companies of all sizes want to utilize their resources judiciously. And to do so, most companies are branching out to different means of energy saving alternatives to avoid excessive energy consumption. Amidst the plethora of energy saving options, renewable energy resources are proving to be the most feasible one.

While there are many tech companies helping businesses in their energy-saving feat, one that has been able to strike its impact is Applied Materials. The company is a leader in material engineering solutions used to produce virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world. They are a trusted source for relevant energy consultancy for modifying materials at atomic levels to make them perform better at reduced cost, thus benefitting the clients in many profitable ways.

One such offering is FabVantage consulting services, which brings deep expertise and advanced analytical tools to help a company solve their tough production problems that have the greatest impact on your business. “The aim is to propose meaningful suggestions to our clients on the optimum utilization of renewable resources. This will help clients in both understanding and maximizing their workflow,” says Gary Dickerson, president and CEO of Applied Materials.

Founded in 1967, Applied Materials specializes in various other services like manufacturing semiconductors, offering complex high-stake business consultations, and provide leading-edge solar energy services. Another maven of the company, Applied Materials’ Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) solar services, enables the clients to upgrade their cell efficiency and meet factory goals.
“Our services can help drive down the cost of ownership while improving the overall tool and factory performance,” explains Dickerson. He further explains that the Applied Materials’ c-Si services provide reduced internal operational cost and streamlines supply chain for their clients for curative support. Together with that, Applied Materials is also adept in supporting managerial requirements of their clients to ensure that the companies perform optimally.

Applied Material’s services can help drive down the cost of ownership while improving the overall tool and factory performance

That being said, the spare part programs of the c-Si systems like Forecasted Parts Management (FPM), which maintains the inventory, and Total Kit Management (TKM) that optimizes kits and cleaning logistics, is specifically designed to target challenges of the manufacturing process. These portfolios are varied in nature. c-Si applied Performance service (APS), for instance, specializes in 24x7 service coverage; including system performance commitments such as tool uptime. Alongside, there are several other customizable features of Applied c-Si services like ensuring operational efficiency and rapid on-site support. Making use of these services, Applied Materials is catering to numerous utilities clients to promote a continual business ecosystem through utilization of renewable energy resources. Treading ahead, Applied Materials has plans to invest more into renewable resources with the hope to have a more sustainable future for itself, and promote equally sustainable business practice among its clients.