Krishna Kumar, CEO, ApporchidKrishna Kumar, CEO
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly influenced our virtual shopping choices and has made online interfaces more enticing than probably a decade ago. However, the cutting-edge technology has been empowering several sectors apart from the e-commerce sphere alone.

“We firmly believe that an organization’s capabilities can be elevated by the intelligence of its employees. Thus, our firm strives to capture the wisdom and workforce of our clients to help the bosses make smarter decisions,” mentions Krishna Kumar, CEO & Founder, Apporchid.

The company assists client organizations harness the benefits of historic data, irrespective of whether they are stored in structured and unstructured formats and creates enterprise-specific AI apps. Most enterprises belonging to the energy sector today are exploiting the benefits of trending technologies such as IoT and have installed sensors on critical equipment in their premise to gather insights.

The average electric grid today, for instance, includes several smart meters, communicating controls, power line sensors and myriad endpoints with the potential to grasp key data. Collectively, these dozens of sensors across an electric grid generate thousands of terabytes of data that can be utilized for driving intelligent outcomes with the potential to amplify the capabilities of the firm.

In addition to helping clients leverage the benefits of data extracted from various grid endpoints, Apporchid helps organizations utilize key insights from large data volumes from various sources such as reports, emails, white papers, customer interaction history and observation of its own employees.

Apporchid has coined the term ‘Tribal Knowledge’ as a collective way of referring to the data gathered from these aforementioned data sources. The company’s flagship solution bridges tribal knowledge with the Internet of Things and merges structured as well as unstructured data formats to create a dynamic AI solution.
The solution helps traverse massive data volumes to unravel information that could mitigate a critical business challenge that has plagued a client organization for several years or even propel growth.

The company’s flagship solution bridges tribal knowledge with IoT and merges structured as well as unstructured data formats to create a dynamic AI solution

The company’s solution suite also includes Safety360, Claims360 and Customer360, which differentiates it from a string of AI solution providers worldwide and has propelled Apporchid to the status of a leading AI solution provider. While Safety360 is aimed at improving workplace safety and preventing loss, Claims360 brings real-time insights to insurance operations. Customer360 is an attempt to help organizations improve their customer servicing abilities by offering a 360-degree view of various operations.

Apart from empowering the energy sector, Apporchid has also been instrumental in steering the insurance sector towards sophistication. In the recent past, the company has helped several insurance firms extract the benefits of buried data by employing a powerful tool such as AI.

Apporchid’s clientele includes several reputed large, small and medium enterprises alike. Some of these organizations are renowned brands such as Japanese IT giant Fujitsu, American Water – a public utility initiative and reputed insurance firm XL CATLIN. In recognition of its excellence in delivering cutting-edge AI solutions, the company was chosen to be a part of the 2018 Red Herring Top 100 Global list. Since its inception, Apporchid has made accomplished many milestones in its journey of revamping the energy sector by utilizing AI as a catalyst. As an insurance solution provider, the organization has protected over $ 200 Billion assets. Apporchid’s national grid in Israel caters to over 2 million customers and its energy solution deployed in Switzerland is spread across 6700 kilometers.