Economic growth is inextricably linked to energy and its utilization. In a world where energy is regarded as a business cost, its optimized usage is essential. It is found that a building, on average, wastes 30 percent of its energy and so, implementing an efficient energy management system is paramount. The Washington, DC based Aquicore helps organizations address these challenges through energy analytics and automation solutions.

Aquicore’s AQ-Optimization is a key product that helps optimize energy usage and provides insights into the entire building portfolio to access individual real time data. It tracks electricity and gas consumption by breaking down the facility by space, use, meter, and source. This provides information about energy usage in different floors and by different equipments, along with instantly spotting and diagnosing underperforming sections. “Our customers benefit from both, ease of real-time data transfer and new ways to solve business problems such as tenant billing,” says Logan Soya, CEO, Aquicore. The software also provides customized alerts and reports through text messages and emails whenever there is excess energy consumption, while also identifying abnormal usage during startup or non-working hours. Aquicore helps automate the entire invoice generation through AQ-Tenant Billing, eliminating manual meter reading. It avoids billing mistakes due to human errors and provides accurate data on a sleek user friendly platform to automatically generate and email meter-verified invoices to tenants. The simple point-and-click approval process enables on time bill payments.

The company’s software displays energy usage information on kiosks and via easy-to-understand graphical representations on screens. Aquicore also assists enterprises with electrical installations and on-site setup. Additionally, Aquicore’s mechanical equipment sub-metering method enables optimization of equipment scheduling, which increases the efficiency of chillers, boilers, cooling towers, and air handling units. Moreover, the firm streamlines operations on a single page through collaboration, while facilitating customizable permission settings and sharing observations across the team.

Aquicore helps automate the entire invoice generation through AQ-Tenant Billing, eliminating manual meter reading

Aquicore’s numerous customer success stories are testaments to its prowess in providing advanced energy management solutions. Once, a large real estate company acquired several facilities wherein they had to manage over 5 million square feet building space. But the facilities had a convoluted energy tenant billing process with no capability to remotely collect data. Having to read more than 60 sub-meters across multiple sites each month, the client had to engage with meter reading companies to manually read and key in the values into spreadsheets for generating, printing, and sending invoices to tenants. Additionally, when there was an unavailability of meter reading companies it resulted in payment delays and tenant complaints along with inaccurate billing. Joining hands with Aquicore and deploying AQ-Tenant Billing enabled the client to deliver reliable as well as professional invoices on time, every month—significantly reducing account receivables and improving tenet satisfaction.

Over the years, Aquicore has been successful in leveraging its expertise to provide efficient energy management systems to reduce energy wastage and spending. Moving forward, the company plans to integrate its platform into Angus AnyWhere, a web enabled service management solution, empowering commercial real estate owners to automatically collect data on energy use and bill payments, helping save money from mistaken charges and time spent manually handling energy management.