Kiran Bhatraju, Founder & CEO, Arcadia PowerKiran Bhatraju, Founder & CEO
Renewable energy is the fastest growing source of electricity generation and the proliferation of solar and wind energy will continue as humanity tries to find alternatives to fossil fuels. To further increase the use of renewable energy, companies like Arcadia Power are offering services that make renewable energy readily available to the residents at reduced prices. Founded in 2014, the firm aims to boost the utilization and demand for sustainable power, which brings 100 percent clean energy to the renters and homeowners residing in the U.S.

Arcadia Power provides ‘smart energy solutions’ that offset power produced from fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas, and promotes the idea of sustainable energy at a meager rate. The firm purchases energy from renewable sources such as wind farms and collects Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) that certify that the energy being utilized by customers is from green sources. This means that both, the company and the consumer, together, are working towards a common objective to save money while doing less harm to the environment.

Based in Washington, D.C., Arcadia Power is an online energy platform that provides personalized energy dashboards where the software tools manage the amount saved on the energy bills. Furthermore, the firm offers instant access to a mobile-optimized dashboard which features a drop-down menu where its consumers have access to navigate through the power usage, anywhere, at any point in time.

The dashboard also offers price alerts where the lowest cost of clean energy is monitored in the locality and notified to the users for automatic savings in the utility bill. Apart from that, the dashboard is personalized with relevant payment methods such as the credit or a debit card for the monthly bill without any transaction fee. So, using the power dashboard, the consumers have access to track different renewable projects, expenditures, and savings.

Arcadia Power has partnered with 20 connected solar projects and has produced 680,000 MWh of clean energy to different households in the US so far

Arcadia Power has partnered with 20 connected solar projects and has produced 680,000 MWh of clean energy to different households in the US so far. As a result, the innovative service provider allows people to save as much as 30 percent on their energy bills. Since the firm aims for sustainable energy consumption, it offers a community solar program in big metropolitan cities. Arcadia, through its partner solar projects provides solar power specifically to those residents who do not have the ability to install solar panels. With this project, anyone who wants clean energy but doesn’t have access to it can benefit from this solution.

The company plans to launch on-bill financing for energy-saving products such as LED lights and thermostats, and improve the customers’ payment options. Arcadia Power is also planning to start an energy-saving program as a broker to provide the cheapest energy to its consumers.

Transitioning to renewable energy sources in the average consumer’s life can be a difficult task. It is often too expensive, or there are geographical limitations connected to it that make it difficult for a consumer in a residential area to practice. The five-year-old Arcadia Power is answering all these concerns by revolutionizing the ‘green energy market’ with its service to eliminate carbon-footprints from the environment and at the same time make renewable energy feasible for everyone in the U.S.