Lili Delalat, CEO and CIO, Artis Energy IntelligenceLili Delalat, CEO and CIO
According to Deloitte, energy management is a growing component within business strategies as companies continue to evaluate their energy profiles to identify opportunities for controlled energy consumption, cost reduction, and maximized efficiency. Nevertheless, collecting, managing, and using energy data to retroactively take advantage of efficiency opportunities is a complicated process that some business sectors can’t perform.

Artis Energy Intelligence is at the forefront of studying and analyzing energy data across various assets, building personalized models based on energy consumption patterns to enable cost and consumption reduction, energy efficiency, and overall performance improvement. It supplies complete management services for collecting data, finding efficiency opportunities within vast datasets, and implementing actionable insights to realize energy savings across the industrial and manufacturing, retail, government, healthcare, K-12, and higher education sectors.

Artis Energy Intelligence develops models capable of optimizing energy consumption data to predict and enable powerful analytics and excellence opportunities. This allows it to offer a suite of powerful services suite that handles energy due diligence, monitoring, and the analytical intelligence needed for energy and emissions diagnostics.

Its data-enriched model provides improved transparency and efficiency in energy distribution, transforming strategic energy processes to improve consumption patterns and drive savings. These solutions are the brainchild of Artis Energy Intelligence’s data analytics and data science teams that consider climate and sustainability goals and fact-based and quantifiable measures to deliver effectual measures for reducing CO₂ and other emissions.

“In terms of energy load factors, we successfully identify volatility issues from a client’s invoice or operational data to reduce cap energies without negatively impacting occupant comfort,” says Lili Delalat, CEO and CIO of Artis Energy Intelligence.

An energy modeling platform, Artis Energy Intelligence works on a client’s data to measure and benchmark their energy consumption, operational improvements, emission reduction, and overall efficiency. The platform proactively calculates and manages energy costs to provide accuracy in energy-saving calculations and strategies. Artis Energy Intelligence also bridges the gaps in calculated demands or paybacks to factor in time-of-use or demand constraints. Driving enhanced accuracy of rates, it eliminates variability in the financial results of energy savings. In essence, Artis Energy Intelligence offers an actual rate structure with defined savings figures and strategies and reverse-engineering rate logic from a client’s invoices to obtain insights into their payments and accordingly build the logic necessary to predict energy spend on the platform.

Once onboarded, Artis Energy Intelligence handles every client profile individually to detect consumption patterns and uses real-time rate logic for cost analysis by preloading the client’s energy utility rates. Simultaneously, the platform’s cloud-and web-based architecture enables clients to readily access their profiles, capture energy data within one minute, track historical data, and accurately evaluate their consumption patterns. It can repeatedly run uploaded data in real time to create a baseline of consumption norms and mark anomalies that need resolution. This ability to promptly scrutinize anomalies and consumption behaviors drives Artis Energy Intelligence to provide data-driven recommendations and benchmarking capabilities that reduce energy costs, emissions, and consumption.

Artis Energy Intelligence develops prediction models for calculating future energy costs, emissions, and budgets for imminent resource allocations based on understanding present consumption patterns. Its algorithm learns from historical performance and site operations in certain conditions to identify challenges in a client’s facility, utility, and energy cost structure. Artis Energy Intelligence’s platform sends control signals through texts, emails, or contract closure relay to building management systems that automate energy reduction and other critical functions.

In terms of energy load factors, we successfully identify volatility issues from a client’s invoice or operational data to reduce cap energies without negatively impacting occupant comfort

Recently, Artis Energy Intelligence mitigated a commercial building’s energy load tracking hurdles. For this project, Artis Energy Intelligence studied the building and conducted low-control actions to achieve over 10 percent y-o-y savings. Similarly, it assisted a manufacturer in resolving their compressed air management by making precise maintenance, delivering an eight percent increase in annual savings driven by efficiency opportunities.

Moving forward, Artis Energy Intelligence aims to continue leveraging its extensive engineering resources to competently support all clients in establishing an adaptable and sustainable energy management posture.