Tor Jakob Ramsøy, Founder & CEO, ArundoTor Jakob Ramsøy, Founder & CEO
Analytics has empowered almost every realm in the past few years, ranging from automotive and retail to the food & beverage industry as well. Enterprises belonging to the energy sector too are leaving no stone unturned to capitalize on the benefits of advanced analytics to amplify their returns and drive the bosses towards better decision making. The most important challenge plaguing most utility firms is how traditional equipment such as heavy machinery and others can be effectively migrated effectively to a digital environment. Thus, many legacy players have been seeking the assistance of an ideal vendor firm to collaborate with and overcome these hurdles that couldn’t be bridged for many years.

Over the years, Arundo, a Palo Alto-based firm, has garnered the trust of several organizations belonging to the energy sector for its ability to deliver smarter operations through industry analytics. The organization’s flagship is its software which enables enterprise-scale machine learning and advanced analytics applications for industrial companies. “Our company is driven by the motto ‘Built for industrial users, by industrial users’ and aims to assist enterprises in their journey from legacy to sophistication. Our software has been designed to accelerate the digital analytics journey of our clients by exploiting the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science,” mentions Tor Jakob Ramsoy, CEO & Founder, Arundo.

The organization firmly believes in helping clients leverage the benefits of their existing infrastructure and gaining insights from devices such as sensors installed at various endpoints. Unlike the traditional data collection approaches, the Arundo solution helps clients gain real-time insights every second and minute, which aids decision makers better. Arundo’s customers transform their businesses through predictive analytics, a deeper understanding of physical operations, and data-driven software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Arundo has garnered the trust of several organizations belonging to the energy sector for its ability to deliver smarter operations through industry analytics

The California-based firm has amassed many clients for its finesse in the consolidation of hundreds of data models on a single platform and streamlining it effectively. The industrial analytics solutions devised by Arundo for its clients is one of the best applications of data science today. One of the most noteworthy benefits for an organization choosing to collaborate with Arundo is the company’s expertise in models deployment and management. The organization is known for its finesse in deploying desktop-based machine learning models into live, online environments in less than five minutes. In addition, the company can also connect and manage hundreds of machine learning models, data streams, and outputs in a user-friendly cloud environment.

The numero-uno factor that has steered the organization ahead of its competitors is its product suite, which comprises of several components, namely the Edge Agent, Composer, and Fabric. The Arundo Enterprise, the company’s most important offering, is a modular, flexible software suite to create data products for people. We connect live data to machine learning and other analytical models, and model outputs to business decisions.

Since its inception, Arundo has catered to several industries such as oil and gas, maritime and power In its attempt to cater to clients better, the organization has joined hands with several partner firms which include several reputed names such as ABB, Accenture, Dell, and Microsoft. Currently, the organization is known for deploying solutions that create a significant impact within 90 days and amplify the returns of its clients ten-fold. Arundo strives to help its clients accomplish these results even faster.