Dusty Baker, Owner, Baker Energy TeamDusty Baker, Owner
A popular name in American households—especially the ones with baseball enthusiasts—Dusty Baker has had a long, successful career, but who would have imagined him to be realizing his entrepreneurial vision in the solar power space? Four years ago, Baker made his way into the business world by establishing Baker Energy Team, an energy solutions company based in California.

The company has positioned itself as a trusted renewable energy technology solution provider that designs, develops, owns, and operates independent clean energy distributed generation power plants. These solutions are widely used across large-scale energy plants in both commercial as well as industry sectors owing to varied capabilities associated with them. “Our focus has always been on scaling the heights of renewable energy market, and with a myriad of offerings in our portfolio currently, we are on our way to making that happen,” begins Dusty Baker, Owner of Baker Energy Team. The company enables clients to create their own energy without depending on age-old power generation methods.

While initially, the venture focused solely on providing solar energy solutions, in 2017, Baker Energy Team expanded its portfolio, which now also comprises of microgrids for both commercial and industry segments. As microgrids integrate seamlessly with renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, small hydro power, and geothermal power, they are one the most significant renewable energy technologies the Baker Energy Team focuses on. The company provides cost-effective holistic microgrid solutions to deliver affordable and clean energy, improved efficiency, and sustainable resiliency to its clients. Additionally, long-term energy costs of microgrids are foreseeable, which makes the technology cost-effective and economically feasible for end-users as well.

With its microgrid service, Baker Energy Team is also eliminating the dependency of businesses and residents on traditional grids, which are not as effective as microgrids.
Microgrids differ largely from the traditional electrical grids as they provide power quality, reliability, and security for end users and operators of the grid along with closer proximity between power generation and power use, resulting in increased power efficiency and reduced transmissions.

Baker Energy Team provides cost-effective holistic microgrid solutions to deliver resilient, clean, and reliable power

A full service renewable energy solution provider, Baker Energy Team is working rigorously toward Dusty’s vision to create a solution for the unseen at the time. The company’s leading microgrid energy solution also deems fit to address a major problem posed by the likelihood of a significant rise in prices of power as announced by California’s largest energy provider Pacific Gas & Electric. In such a scenario, Baker Energy Team offers a reliable solution, which transforms customers’ energy usage into an asset with annual savings of at least 10 percent with no overhead capital expense.

Baker Energy Team has soared to great heights under the leadership of baseball legend, Baker, traversing a successful path in the renewable energy market. The company presently supports a myriad of data centers, hotels, hospitals, college campuses, and food services. Recently, Baker Energy Team collaborated with Robert “Kool” Bell, a founding member of the iconic R&B music group Kool & The Gang. The Kool-Baker merger is highly focused on providing clean as well as renewable energy solutions to the residents and businesses based in Africa. “Our partnership with Kool enables us to understand Africa’s current and future energy challenges as well requirements, which in turn empowers us to fulfil both the financial and technical necessities of large and small ventures in the region,” says Baker. Baker Energy Team’s vision is to continue its endeavor to provide affordable, clean, and renewable energy resources to everyone.