Randall MacEwen, President and CEO, Ballard Power SystemsRandall MacEwen, President and CEO
Fuel cell science and technology are evolving fast for the past two decades. It is thought to be an efficient way of transforming hydrogen-rich compounds' chemical energy into electrical energy. Finding alternatives to carbon-intensive fuel sources is critical to the world's future, and engineers must demonstrate a commitment to innovation and problem solving to make the shift that will drive a more sustainable future. Fuel cell technology has seen an upward trend in global oil price, depletion of oil wells, fall in oil well discovery, and improved hydrogen energy infrastructure. Hydrogen fuel cells can deliver clean yet highly effective power for several applications that require innovators to bring the technology to the forefront. One such company is Burnaby, B.C.-based Ballard Power Systems. The firm is a world leader in developing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing hydrogen fuel cell power systems. It is changing the world with its innovative clean energy solutions offering superior performance at a reduced operating cost. It delivers fuel cell products for markets such as heavy-duty motive (consisting of bus and tram applications), portable power, material handling, and engineering services.

Ballard's technology offers a wide range of benefits within each of these markets, including lowering energy use costs, longer operating lifetimes and positive environmental impacts. It is working to accelerate fuel cell technology adoption, committed to sustainable mobility and clean air for everyone. Ballard provides fuel cell power products that offer a number of essential advantages. Its heavy-duty modules provide a flexible solution for buses, trucks. The firm's fuel cell system, FCwave, gives zero-emission propulsion to the marine industry. Ballard has industry-leading field experience in powering commercial vehicles, as evidenced by this 75-million-kilometre milestone. Its technology innovation and product programs have benefited immeasurably from these important on-road applications, through which Ballard products experience the full range of vehicle payloads, duty cycles, road conditions, and weather.
Ballard's unmatched field experience has been leveraged through an effective feedback loop into its product design and development efforts, resulting in the fuel cell industry's highest performance products designed for Heavy Medium-Duty Motive applications. Some of the FCEVs have operated over 8-years in the field, exceeded 38,000 hours of revenue service with no major fuel cell stack maintenance requirements.

Ballards's business strategy is a two-pronged approach to build shareholder value through the sale and service of power products and technology solutions delivery. In power product sales, the firm focuses on meeting our customers' power needs by delivering high value, high reliability, high quality, and clean energy power products that reduce customer costs and risks. Technology Solutions focuses on enabling customers to solve their technical and business challenges and accelerate their fuel cell programs by delivering customized, high value, bundled technology solutions.

For over 40 years, the firm has relentlessly developed and improved our technology. As cleantech leaders, Ballard strives to learn, innovate and break new ground, and in return are provided with opportunities to expand skills through professional development, training and educational programs.
In 2018, Ballard signed a contract with Weichai Power for a strategic partnership. Weichai acquired 163 million USD 19.9 per cent of Ballard's shares. Ballard and Weichai intend to supply the Chinese market with fuel cell systems for trucks, busses, and forklifts as part of this collaboration. Further, in cooperation with German car manufacturer Audi, Ballard is part of a development partnership for automotive fuel cells, which will run at least until 2022. Ballard delivers fuel cells to bus manufacturers, e.g. Van Hool (Belgium), New Flyer (Canada) and Solaris (Poland).

Marching ahead, Ballard envisions itself as the market leader delivering fuel cell power for a sustainable planet. Further, the firm looks to expand its area of operations and build a diverse clientele.