Jess Thorsen, CTO, Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions, Bertel O. Steen Power SolutionsJess Thorsen, CTO, Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions
As several countries are ramping up their efforts of developing renewable energy technologies to address the burgeoning energy demands of their populations, energy storage systems are proving to be excellent panaceas. Considering that the reliability of unconventional energy sources, such as solar and wind, depends on geophysical aspects of a location, it is crucial to store these energies for use at the time of need. This facilitates energy availability during peak hours of very high demand when power production may not be optimum, fundamentally enabling businesses to remain operational during brief outages and avoid costly disruptions. Promoting these energy storage technologies and empowering businesses and corporations to leverage their prowess is Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions (BOS Power)—a subsidiary of Bertel O. Steen. Adorning the brand’s century-old reputation, the Norway-based company is at the forefront of supplying superior energy storage technologies to C&I, commercial marine, and power generation industries in the region. BOS Power is one of the behemoths in the Nordic energy sector and an established importer and distributor of mtu products from Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Bertel O. Steen founded the company back in 1901 as an import and agency business, partnering with several major US trading companies. In 1907, one of the partners sent him three Cadillacs to sell, commencing the company’s successful journey into the automotive world. Since then, Bertel O. Steen transitioned into other subsidiaries–defense, real estate, marine, and the newest of them all, the power generation domain. “Despite only being three years old as a power generation business, we have accumulated more than 20 years of experience. Our employees are experts in the power generation domain and come from similar businesses and competitors. We are a young power generation business possessing a substantial amount of expertise,” extols Jess Thorsen, CTO of BOS Power.

BOS Power offers a comprehensive range of marine and integrated power systems, energy storage systems, propulsion systems, and industrial engines for C&I applications. BOS Power has engineered a solution that is especially critical for the commercial marine domain, where the ability to accumulate and store energy for subsequent usage is essential. The solution–a bridge between marine-based and land-based products–is a highly reliable electrical power propulsion system on ferries. Establishing high quality and performance as the cornerstone of their offering, BOS Power not only provides products but devises solutions for its customers.

“We are not just a product provider–we are a solution provider. We select brand-neutral technologies and combine them into a turnkey solution. In essence, BOS Power is a one-stop-shop for all power generation requirements,” elaborates Thorsen. The company also modifies its factory to accommodate the customization of prefabricated units, providing more than just one product. Owing to such a customer-oriented attitude, BOS Power has been entrusted by several businesses regarding their energy generation requirements.

In one instance, a Denmark-based energy production company was looking to solve its production-related challenges in the most eco-friendly manner. Considering that it needed a backup power supply, the client specified a gas Genset as an emergency backup system, supported by a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to achieve their eco-friendly and sustainable ambitions. BOS Power designed and implemented these technologies to work as a combined solution to comply with the need for emergency backup. As a result, the client was able to employ conventional gas Genset while relishing the capabilities of an energy storage system. On other occasions, BOS Power addressed the power outage issues in rural areas in the farther northern part of Norway and some parts of Finland. The company transformed the communities at night and minimized power outages by peak shaving the transmitted power with its solutions. Since energy storage is often deemed a stepping stone into greener technologies, BOS Power’s solutions offer businesses the opportunity to leverage unconventional energy sources.

  • We Are Not Only A Product Provider–We Are A Solution Provider. We Select Brand-Neutral Technologies And Combine Them Into A Turnkey Solution. In Essence, BOS Power Is A One-Stop-Shop For All Power Generation Requirements

BOS Power is currently expanding its capacity to produce and store hydrogen-based energy supplies, readying itself for the era of renewable energy. Looking ahead, the company envisions strengthening its foothold in the energy sector while enabling the development of contemporary energy supplies. With a team of industry wizards onboard and a portfolio of high-grade solutions, BOS Power is ready to march into Europe’s energy sector, redefine its status quo, and execute the paradigm shift required to effectuate innovation in renewable energies.