James Buskowitz, Founder & CEO, BuskowitzJames Buskowitz, Founder & CEO
The awareness of environmental degradation caused by extensive industrialization has directed many energy tech solution providers to harness the power of solar-energy based technologies. Driven by the same awareness, James Buskowitz, a veteran in the energy sector, decided to dive into the solar energy business. His namesake company, Buskowitz Group, started seven years ago with a simple motive of encouraging people to use a solar photovoltaic system as an energy alternative to traditional non-renewable energy sources. And, like we all know “charity begins at home,” James, first installed his solution in his family-run hotel—Monaco Suites de Boracay—in the Philippines to cut down its electricity cost. After receiving success in this feat, he observed an abundant scope for his solution in the vast business-scape, where companies are always looking for energy-saving options to both improve their profitability, and at the same time, reduce the burden on the environment.

Today, Buskowitz has established itself as a one-stop shop for solar technology solution and services in the Philippines, providing solar photovoltaic system, custom energy system designs, and services pertaining to its installation, financing, and maintenance. The company also acts as a consulting firm and offers advisory services to companies that wish to strategize their energy usage and consumption plan. This advisory service helps organizations in getting a fair idea about the right solar-tech based energy systems that should be installed in their offices, along with information about its various aspects like financing, maintenance, and operations.

Buskowitz is also the first solar solution provider in the Philippines to offer Build-Operate-Lease-Transfer (BOLT) solar service plans. Through this service plan, Buskowitz builds a customized energy system for clients that can be paid as per hourly charges, depending on the kilowatts of energy consumed.
The plan is flexible, ensures 25-60 percent of the energy consumed by the company is powered by solar energy, and has no risk on clients. Once the systems are installed into the company premise, Buskowitz after-sales support team provides services of daily monitoring, technical assistance, onsite support, and cleaning of the system as and when required.

Our dream is to create a low-carbon future. The smallest of steps can have the largest impacts on the generations to come

Today, Buskowitz, with its 76 installations in the Philippines, has emerged as one of the leading solar energy providers and aims to take the country toward a more sustainable future. Currently, Buskowitz is partnering with various organizations to help them replace their antiquated energy systems with solar energy. At the same time, there are 16 schools being powered by Buskowitz, with solar energy, in the Philippines, and the numbers keep rising by the day. Few years down the lane, James views solar energy storage as the future of renewable energy storage industry for the Philippines. Several companies are in the process of coming up with a solar storage battery system which could double the energy savings, at a very fast pace. He further goes on to say, “The technology exists, we just want to take baby steps and not push it too hard.” To conclude, James recalls the goals of his company, “Our dream is to create a low-carbon future. The smallest of steps can have the largest impacts on the generations to come. If more organizations adopt solar power, then perhaps in the long run, we’ll see those savings go into better services, lower costs, and create green-conscious residents who will help shape the future.”