The introduction of mobile and location aware technology has transformed the energy sector by enhancing accuracy and effectiveness of the field work and thus, lowering the cost of business operations. If a gas line incident is considered, without mobile location awareness capabilities, personnel can spend valuable time searching for the valves to shut off the gas flow. Also, mobile location awareness not only establishes that personnel were in fact on sight but also ensures their safety by knowing where they are located in case of incidence. Though the applications of mobility in energy field are myriad, it also comes with its own set of challenges. The mobile system needs to collect accurate data and integrate it with enterprise applications and comply with existing enterprise security norms. CartoPac, a Colorado based company builds energy industry targeted mobile solutions that integrates with the databases and applications to provide a complete enterprise solution. The company’s Workflow Manager also manages collected mobile data through quality control and escalation processes that are critical to integrity management and regulatory compliance programs.

The Energy infrastructure is aged in many instances. The location and condition of assets is still a challenge to document and make the data readily available in enterprise systems. CartoPac Mobile supports the location and assessment of assets. This significantly improves safety and supports regulatory compliance. The solution has mobile applications to support the location of the structures in high consequence areas for integrity management program and, on-going monitoring and updating plans. “Visual representation of the status of field asset inspections in reports provides management with the ability to monitor inspection programs” says Carl Lee, CEO, CartoPac International. “It also highlights risk areas and provides an early warning system for management to allocate resources to the highest risk situations.”

The mobile users in the field have multiple requirements like sharing current status of the assets.

The ultimate objective of a mobile system is to get accurate mobile data, collected and integrated into the enterprise applications

The company provides unique applications that the specific users may require while conducting their work. “Thus they have the flexibility to address the varied conditions they encounter,” says Lee. While the repairing of energy assets is done onsite, the engineers receive repair status and issues enabling them in making better decisions while the personnel are at the field. This eliminates the need for the crew to leave the field or wait for the engineer to show up.

With the delivery of intuitive solutions ensuring safety and flexibility at work, the company has benefited customers from a wide range of industries. For an instance, an oil and gas company who documented pipeline and, related asset inspection and location data using traditional spreadsheets which were further manually loaded into the enterprise systems. “This cycle of data consolidation took eleven months,” says Lee. “The final result had poor data accuracy and the client suffered heavy fines due to regulatory issues,” CartoPac enabled 400 mobile users across branches to collect and report data multiple times a day. The company’s Workflow Manager monitored this data through a verification and escalation process and loaded it to Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS). “Bringing in our solution dropped the elapsed time from eleven months to few hours,” states Lee. “The client eventually witnessed a dramatic rise in data accuracy along with substantial decrease in the cost of collecting and managing data.”

With the delivery of effective solutions and witnessing success of its clients, CartoPac has a vision to expand the mobile platforms. “We look forward to making mobile data intelligent and consumable, integration with enterprise asset management systems and expanded partner relationships.” concludes Lee.