As a collegiate tennis player, Kivanc ‘Kiki’ Dikmen, Managing Partner for Choice! Energy Services (CES) believes that many practices of his favorite racket sport have influenced his management style at CES. “It has been my tendency to calculate the shot prior to the ball’s contact,” says Dikmen. “Similarly, I utilize my fair share of predictive abilities to envision the market scenario, set appropriate business targets, and steer the company in the direction of success.” Leveraging this unique blend of visualization and entrepreneurial spirit, Dikmen heads up Choice Energy Services, a Houston-based energy advisory and utility management company that renders a complete suite of energy management services and builds its technology-based energy and sustainability solution on a proprietary Energy Management System (EMS) called CESConnect. The firm is a subsidiary of OTC Global Holdings— an independent institutional broker of natural gas in North America. “The formation of our company was a natural extension of the skill set our wholesale division had garnered in brokering natural gas options and wholesale power,” recalls Dikmen. Over the past 14 years, CES expanded its size, geographical reach, and moved away from traditional energy brokerage to deliver a portfolio of services that bring superior value for retail energy market. “Our solutions aim at delivering a complete novel approach for energy management.”

CES builds software solutions that reinvent how organizations access and use data to gain insights on potential energy and expense related issues. “Today’s EMS market is moving toward an effortless interpretation of underlying data and presentation of real-time story,” asserts Dikmen. This, along with evolving trends of cloud, data consolidation, mobility, and advanced analytics is driving organizations to embrace flexible EMS solution that helps them decipher information behind each kilowatt-hour and better understand the energy-usage-spend relationship. CES’s cloud-based CESConnect fulfills these functions by providing next generation analytics and combining client invoice data, contract data, and real time market pricing. “CESConnect helps validate energy efficiency projects, report on performance against budget, and optimize operating expense.” “Our solutions aim at delivering a complete novel approach for energy management.”

CESConnect is also adept in centrally managing, measuring, analyzing, and storing data to bring together utility bill-level data for power, gas, water and trash for different locations around the globe.

Our solutions aim at delivering a complete novel approach for energy management

As a testimony of this function, a national bank with hundreds of branches in different utilities capitalized on CESConnect to comparatively review energy spend on a consolidated basis. “Our platform establishes an energy baseline against which tangible financial improvements are measured to gain highly efficient internal operations,” explains Dikmen.

CESConnect also excels in the energy audit and compliance arena by facilitating virtually immediate access to invoice data without any mailing and processing delay. The system electronically accesses and collects client invoice information including images of invoices. “With complete utility spend and energy usage data at their fingertips, our clients face an extreme ease and convenience in audits,” he evinces. The CESConnect platform allows clients to gain EnergyStar rating completely effortlessly through its full integration with EPA’s EnergyStar Portfolio Manager®, identify usage anomalies through customizable, pre-defined alerts, and monitor compliance on a continued basis.

Advancing forward, CES recognizes that innovation and enhancements centering around CESConnect is the key for their organization’s growth. With this in mind, the company is improving the user experience by strengthening its mobile presence. CES also witnesses tremendous value in consolidating utility-level, meter-level, and submeter-level data to create a single-access platform across currently fragmented, piece-meal solutions. “Also, at a higher level, we keep a close eye on the Mexico’s energy markets not only because they are indirect drivers for energy markets in U.S., but also for potential business opportunities,” concludes Dikmen.