The technological advancement has led organizations to control the entire energy management system on-site or remotely, making companies’ operations more efficient. Consequently, many large entities have adopted cost efficient EMS systems globally. CleanSpark, a San Diego-based microgrid technology company helps organizations to become environment friendly and cost efficient by providing Microgrid-as-a-Service (MaaS). The firm’s MaaS helps organizations achieve energy security through its advanced energy monitoring and management technology. With its solutions, organizations can monitor, assess, and visualize the energy consumption to collect real-time information on the energy usage. It not only monitors energy consumption but also enhances enterprise-level operation and financial decisions.

Microgrids are deployed much more quickly than traditional transmission and distribution infrastructure, and deliver electricity at a lower cost than traditional grid services. “The aging grid is becoming unstable and unreliable due to increases in loads and the lack of new large-scale generation facilities,” says, Michael E. Firenze, CEO, ClearSpark. The age old electrical grid does not efficiently balance supply and demand resulting in needless waste, threats of blackouts and increased carbon dioxide emissions. The firm’s EMS technology enables micro grids to integrate seamlessly with existing energy infrastructure, and scale the multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, military and remote community deployments. As microgrid adoption spreads, CleanSpark will help increase energy security and global socio-economic stability, while significantly reducing energy costs and carbon emissions through the integration of clean, affordable, renewable energy.

The firm is efficiently building and operating the macro and micro grids, and maximizing the use of sustainable energy to produce affordable, stable, predictable, and reliable power on a large scale. CleanSpark's patented flex Power System (fPS) software uses real-time and historical data to forecast energy needs and choose whether to consume energy as it is generated or store it for later. The fPS has the ability to transition in and out of islanded operation without severe impact to the utility grid. The software combines energy generation, advanced storage, and load management within a network of intuitive controls to provide reliable and affordable power.

CleanSpark empowers underprivileged communities by giving them to access affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy

It allows consumers to efficiently manage renewable energy generation, storage and consumption. This makes fPS software ideal for commercial, industrial, mining, defense and community users.

“CleanSpark empowers underprivileged communities by giving them access to affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy,” notes Firenze. With its innovative FractalGrid architecture, CleanSpark is able to cut the cost of electricity by at least ten percent while achieving energy security. By installing, integrating, and maintaining the efficient operation of firm’s ground-breaking products, companies can effortlessly address the needs of global virtual power plant and microgrid markets. The company also provides an easy to use interface, where users can see and manage the data according to their preference.

This EMS technology reduces energy costs by 25 percent, and increases security in defense, commercial, and many other sectors. CleanSpark's this technology brings situational awareness, energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, advanced energy storage, and load management together in one comprehensive software-enabled solution. “Lack of access to energy is a threat to our generation and the opportunity to solve this problem is here. We are humbled to ensure an outcome that our grandchildren will be proud of,” concludes Firenze.