Anchored on the philosophy of never saying no to clients, Collicutt Energy offers a complete suite of solutions for all things engine related. The gaining prominence of renewable energy and advancements in power generation and grid modernization technologies— alongside the growing demand for standby powers for a plethora of applications areas—amplifies the need for engine and generator experts such as Collicutt. “We sell parts, service, and equipment, but boiling it down, we are a solution provider”, says Ryan Krutzfeldt, VP of Operations at Collicutt.

Staying true to its mission statement of ‘Powering tomorrow through unrivaled solutions today!,’ Collicutt goes above and beyond being a sought-after distributor of standard factory offerings. They have established a strong presence in the US and Canadian markets by offering customized solutions to best fit their customers’ long term needs. Collicutt’s expertise encompasses all the bases of engine powered solutions, including project management, engineering, fabrication, logistics, installation, start up, lifecycle maintenance, and operation. In the US, generators sold and installed by Collicutt provide emergency and prime power system for homes, schools, universities, hospitals, apartments, industry, business, airports, stadiums, military, etc. The company is the authorized distributor of Rolls Royce mtu offerings in California and Alberta. In addition, they provide a wide range of trailer-mounted diesel and natural gas generators which enables the company to operate an extensive rental service. “Our generators range from 20KW to 1.5MW, and we play a significant role in grid stabilization during forest fire season from August to November,” says Dave Taylor, VP of US Operations. Collicutt also leverages their engine and powergen expertise to provide solutions in the waste management market, implementing mixed fuel solutions to leverage off-gas from waste to produce greener electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On the Canadian front, in addition to selling and servicing emergency power generation equipment, Collicutt designs, builds, maintains and operates prime power solutions and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems. On top of that, the company positions itself as a one-stop solution provider for the FRAC industry. Their FRAC capabilities entail repair, maintenance, transmission rebuilds, engine overhauls, and more. Collicutt also houses a test-stand that can provide up to 15,000 psi for testing FRAC units. “We put the unit on the test stand to discover the problems. After we fix it, we put it back on the test stand, run it up and make sure the problems are solved,” says Krutzfeldt.

Apart from their product expertise, Collicutt emphasizes being customer-centric. The company mandates a high degree of transparency during solution design, fabrication, and testing. They are extremely agile and flexible in terms of aligning with changing market trends and regulations. For instance, some new regulations regarding on-site natural gas and biogas consumption heavily impacted one of their clients. This meant that the current fuel mix for their power generation equipment was no longer acceptable. To address this issue, Collicutt collaborated with the client’s internal design team and constructed a new fuel blending package (fuel blend with natural and biogas). The company’s timely intervention enabled this client to continue their operation without shutting down or completely changing their power generation equipment. Such instances exemplify Collicutt’s customer-centricity and hands-on mechanical and engineering expertise.

We sell parts, service, and equipment, but boiling it down, we are a solution provider

With highly trained technicians, project managers, and engineers, the company continues to script client success stories! Considering their customer needs, Collicutt has exciting new plans for the next 12 to 18 months. In the Canadian market, they are gearing up to open new brick-and-mortar offices in Grand Prairie, Alberta. On the other hand, on the US side, the firm is expanding industrial operations in the San Francisco Bay area in addition to their new Bakersfield office. “Like our Canadian operations side, we are also working on customizing power system packages for the US customers,” concludes Taylor.

Collicutt’s focus is to find solutions for their customers and to do that, they welcome any challenge and are going after the market to expand in areas where they can better meet their customer needs. Solutions focused, Collicutt is raising the standards for their customers.