Chad Wilkins, Owner, Convert SolarChad Wilkins, Owner
A full-service solar energy system provider, Convert Solar stands out in the residential and commercial solar energy marketplace with a keen dedication to making customers happy. It specializes in the solar contracting processes of design, permit installation, inspection, and maintenance.

“The biggest decision we took early on is to look at our customers as an asset and not a liability for the long term,” says Chad Wilkins, owner of Convert Solar. “If customers are happy with our work and the solar energy system we install, they convey its benefits to their friends and family, resulting in more customers investing in solar power.” This leads to more opportunities for Convert Solar to build lasting customer relations, helping them with battery and inverter installation, system monitoring and maintenance, and grid connection setups in the long run.

The customer engagement process begins with Convert Solar’s sales team. Many of its sales associates either began as solar equipment installers or have been selling it for about a decade, meaning they have seen the technology evolve and know its capabilities. The sales associates ensure customers understand the capabilities of different inverters and select the one that best meets their present and future needs.

For example, the sales team asks residential customers if they are contemplating buying an electric vehicle. If this is something they might be interested in, the sales associate recommends an inverter capable of car charging.

Unlike solar companies that overpromise and underdeliver, Convert Solar offers customers honest estimates of how much energy a solar system can produce and save them on their utility bills.
Many residential customers are interested in purchasing solar batteries to store the energy generated from solar panels installed on their roofs and use it during an outage. However, deciding which battery to buy is complicated because new and updated products constantly enter the marketplace as technology evolves. Convert Solar helps its customers make informed decisions by educating them on the capabilities of individual batteries.

Convert Solar has in-house engineering experts trained in solar equipment and power distribution. After the initial inspection of a building and its existing electrical equipment, these engineers design an efficient system that can be quickly deployed, saving customers time and money.

Once Convert Solar has installed a commercial or residential solar power system, its service department monitors it for the customer. The team regularly conducts a complete health check on the system. If they find faults in the system, they can usually remedy them remotely. They can even determine if a part is likely to fail and get the manufacturer to replace it on time.

The biggest decision we took early on is to look at our customers as an asset and not a liability for the long term

Besides building and maintaining systems for new customers, Convert Solar frequently assists customers with solar orphans. These systems are made by companies that are no longer in business, which means customers cannot access maintenance services.

For example, a client sought Convert Solar’s help with an orphan system with a faulty inverter. The team discovered some wires were burnt and got the manufacturer to replace the inverter at zero cost to the customer.

“Our customers who had a negative experience with a solar company in the past no longer tell their friends and family that solar is not worth it,” Wilkins says. “They now can say, ‘Hey, solar is definitely worth it. You need to choose a good company that’s going to be there for you.’”