Adrian Bullock, Managing Director, ContigoAdrian Bullock, Managing Director
The wholesale energy trading landscape has evolved significantly with changing business and technology trends. As a result of this evolution, there are several diverse energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solutions in the market offering innovative solutions. Leading the market is Contigo, a company that provides a portfolio of ETRM solutions for all the entities in the energy value chain, including firms involved in energy generation as well as those in wholesale and retail trading. Since the launch of its flagship product, enTrader suite, in 2009, Contigo’s customer base has expanded to include many of the asset-heavy brokers, retailers, financial institutions and utilities in Europe.

Preconfigured for the European energy market with ready-to-use functionality, enTrader can be implemented as the cloud-based SaaS or on-premise solution to support all energy market derivatives. enTrader is extensible and can be customized to meet each customer’s individual requirements. Besides, it enables straight-through processing across all business functions, including trade execution, portfolio risk management, and physical delivery scheduling. The solution aligns with the European market infrastructure regulation (EMIR) and regulation of energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) regulatory compliance. With trade data enrichment and real-time trade valuation, enTrader strengthens price transparency of products in the market. It also provides formula-based pricing, forward curve management, and automated settlement for better trading and increased productivity.

For instance, a Danish energy company, NGF Nature Energy, approached Contigo to improve its energy trading, which was previously managed with spreadsheets. “We are delighted to have NGF Nature Energy as an enTrader customer. They are one of a growing number of our customers who have chosen Cloud delivery, and the implementation took only three months and was done, not only to time but to budget. It’s gratifying that enTrader is making a real difference to their business,” said Adrian Bullock, Managing Director of Contigo.

Preconfigured for the European energy market with ready-to-use functionality, enTrader can be implemented as the cloud-based SaaS or on-premise solution to support all energy market derivatives

enTrader has built-in scalability to manage the overhead due to the increase in trade volume and user numbers. It has many modules that provide total visibility of clients’ business via fully integrated Power BI dashboards. enVoy is a robust, easy-to-use communications framework that provides an automated workflow to simplify the process of sending and receiving data of the energy industry in the European market. enVoy’s responsive data flow management capability enables clients to achieve accurate results and better decision-making. On the other hand, EnergyFlow swiftly provides critical data needed for decision support and automates laborious and complex processes, including the basic reading of emails to intelligent forecasting and evaluations. This functionality allows clients to simplify the most complex operational processes for gas, electricity, and renewable markets.

Contigo is passionate about partnering with clients to ensure the delivery of the most innovative solutions that bring business benefits and value. The company has a highly experienced team for implementation and on-going support. Recently, Energy One group, a leading ETRM solutions company based in Australia, acquired Contigo. “Whilst you can expect to see great things delivered as a result of this acquisition, we can confirm that we remain committed to continuing our exceptional level of customer service keeping our clients’ needs at the heart of what we do,” said Bullock.

In the near future, Contigo focuses on further improving its existing solutions portfolio and be the market leader in the ETRM space. The company also plans to develop an advanced solution for the cloud where users can scale up and down according to market demands.