Nicolas Potier, Managing Director, COR-eNicolas Potier, Managing Director
Over recent years, there has been an explosion in the amount of data available to energy professionals. For traders, analysts, and all energy market professionals, data aggregation— which are necessary for a better understanding of the markets—has become an overwhelming process due to the amount of data available on the market. They have been leveraging the analytical software solutions created more than a decade ago, alongside traditional robust methodologies to forecast the market trends. And it won't be an over-exaggeration to say that manual analysis will become nearly impossible in the coming future. In fact, even after having experts and several resources internally, including IT, it would be a daunting task to detect new information from the vast data coming continually on the market and then transforming it into relevant insights. And that's for the experts. Indeed, the situation is even more complex for many energy professionals who are not market professionals: they do not have the internal resources to aggregate information in real time, refine their analysis before competitors and anticipate market movements. This is where COR-e excels. Founded in 2017 by former energy trader Emeric de Vigan, COR-e offers data pre-processing and AI-based forecasting services for all analysts, traders, and power generators (including renewables), consultants, industrial manufacturers, brokers, aggregators, and other professionals in the power market.

Through its next-generation decision support solutions, the company effectively provides IA modelling and pre-processed fundamental data (European power markets). In order to simplify data aggregation and enhance forecasting, COR-e offers a complete analytical platform that adapts to any new market information in real-time. The platform leverages AI for analyzing several million industrial, meteorological, and financial data to predict power prices on European markets. COR-e's mission is to help energy stakeholders visualize data in new ways and strengthen their market predictions.

Additionally, the company helps clients better understand and anticipate market trends - intraday, spot and futures - to focus on the essentials—analysis and decision making. "Our initial objective was twofold: to modernize the existing solutions on the trading desks and to offer the greatest number of people (industrial manufacturers, consultants, brokers, and more) access to solutions previously reserved for a financial elite. Currently, we develop next generation decision support solutions for traders, analysts and all energy market professionals," asserts Vigan, Founder, and CEO at COR-e.

Vigan explains that data sources are multiplying in Europe, and their quality is uneven and formats disparate. Against this backdrop, COR-e has developed a data pre-processing service that collects, centralizes and verifies the quality of fundamental data for its client before they import it for analysis. This allows them to aggregate all data, regardless of its origin or as if it came from a single, reliable and always available source.

We develop next generation decision support solutions for traders, analysts and all energy market professionals

Moreover, the deregulation of the power market in Europe offers the possibility for manufacturers to buy directly on the short-term markets, in addition to the long-term contracts they have, for dealing with unforeseen situations or seizing opportunities. It requires a certain financial maturity, an acceptance and a risk management strategy, but it is a substantial competitive advantage for some manufacturers whose energy represents a vital part of their production costs (sometimes over 50 percent). "In a context of high market volatility, we must decide quickly and make no mistakes. To the classic and proven methodologies (Stack, Delta, and more), we propose to add an additional indicator with forecasts that we have developed internally, based 100 percent on AI. Their performance, already excellent, is constantly improving with our optimizations and the enrichment of historical data," says Nicolas Potier, Managing Director at COR-e.

COR-e can build highly customized solutions for its clients, relying on its dual expertise in AI and energy markets. Although a recent entrant in the market, the company has been garnering huge traction and has several success stories up its sleeves. For instance, in 2019, COR-e was approached by a major U.S. investment bank that was struggling with the aggregation of disparate data in Europe. It was a critical problem that wasted a lot of time and impacted IT teams, and analysts, as they wasted a lot of their much previous time just aligning columns in a data file, managing missing data or time differences between countries in real-time. "We provided them with a real-time data pre-processing service of the full catalogue useful to their traders and analysts within days. This client renewed their contract this year and is also very interested in our forecasts which we have since added," states Potier.

Whether it's aggregating data, modeling predictions, or providing relevant information to enable faster and more informed decision-making in the power markets, COR-e does it all. Apart from the intuitiveness of the platform's interfaces, the company is renowned for its technology, reliability, performance of forecasts, and team responsiveness. Steering ahead, the company aims to help energy professionals effectively leverage AI to strengthen their view of the wholesale markets. "We believe that what differentiates us today, beyond the performance of our data pre-processing and highly accurate forecasting solutions, is our quality of service," asserts Vigan. "Our organization is not siloed and our teams are fully empowered and focused on customer satisfaction," he concludes.