Henry Cortes, Owner & Founder, Core Development GroupHenry Cortes, Owner & Founder
The demand for renewable energy sources is skyrocketing, as organizations deal with costly utility electricity delivery charges, fluctuating fossil fuel rates, and increases in grid power supply, all while becoming aware of their corporate climate responsibility to reduce emissions. Renewable energy sources like solar can require a system of energy storage for uninterrupted supply; renewable energy sources paired with battery energy storage systems has emerged as a preferred choice, as this combination gives organizations control over their energy production and distribution to meet higher loads at a given time.

To strengthen energy independence, Core Development Group offers complete turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for various sustainable energy production projects. “By pairing renewables like solar with battery storage options, we enable organizations to hedge against inflation and bolster energy independence,” says Henry Cortes, Owner and Founder, Core Development Group. Leading the way in renewable energy and battery integration, the company’s diverse expertise in the design, development, and installation of energy systems offers clients trusted guidance and reliable services toward a sustainable future.

Typically, Core Development Group works with clients— ranging from ecommerce retailers to manufacturing organizations to chemical business companies—to understand and evaluate their sustainable energy needs, goals, and initiatives to tailor the required design options. “While every client’s needs are unique, all of them have one thing in common: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), which drives renewables forward. This is where our expertise comes in,” says Cortes. Specializing in solar and battery energy storage systems and their easy design-build, the company designs a distributed energy resource based on client needs, size, and capacity that can be controlled to address demands, prevent outages and electrical disruptions. Core Development Group captures all client requirements from phasing the construction activities to mobilization to logistics plans to ensure successful execution of the renewable energy system. The company then conducts a site feasibility study and an extensive internal financial performance assessment of the system to evaluate the most appropriate system for optimum financial gains and savings.

In its efforts to empower the sustainable energy initiatives of clients, Core Development Group has created several partnerships and supply agreements with key battery storage system suppliers and vendors to ensure a timely supply of batteries to its clients. Core Development Group enables clients to vastly increase levels of energy resiliency by adding battery storage systems, allowing businesses to run facilities even in the event of a utility electricity outage. The company brings the value of enhanced reliability and improvements in resilience as the cost of outages continues to rise.

Alongside strong partnerships, what gives Core Development Group a competitive edge is its outstanding team of professionals, including engineers, project managers, and construction managers. With its rich expertise in renewable energy offerings, Core Development Group has garnered a large clientele. In one instance, the company enabled an online retailer to deploy solar and battery solutions and implement their ESG goals in 30 locations in 15 states across the U.S.
  • By pairing renewables like solar with battery storage options, we enable organizations to hedge against inflation and bolster energy independence

Elaborating on the future plans, Cortes cites the current transition to a carbon-free environment focusing on electric vehicle (EV) charging along with solar and batteries to create resiliency. Core Development Group finds an opportunity here to combine the power of all three technologies to lower peak electricity demand (lowering costs) and solve utility outages while meeting sustainable goals. With energy storage and EV charging, the company will continue to explore new ways of managing energy budgets and saving customers money by bringing better control of electricity supply, which is desirable in today’s world.