As the use of oil has grown beyond what was initially expected out of it, demand has surged ahead of the supply. Resources are finite and our needs aren’t. To meet those needs, companies find innovative and new ways to source the black gold. Offshore and onshore drillings have become the primary contributors to the world’s energy needs. However, they don’t come without challenges. Both have their peculiar requirements and difficulties, and to successfully run the business, the trick lies in finding a right partner like Crescent to mitigate those challenges.

Driven by a credential team of engineers, superintendents, and well-site supervisors, Crescent adds value to the portfolio of companies with offshore and onshore operations by providing engineering and project management services. Some of the reputed clients of Crescent include Apache Corporation, APEX Oil & Gas, and Vitol. With a strong belief that the most valuable asset is their team, Crescent provides a reputable professional service with a multi-faceted approach to the challenges. The services, primarily being engineering, production, and project management, also entails deploying resources like rig clerks, well-site supervisors, and safety professionals. The company also provides coil tubing, small tubing, and snubbing workover services.

Crescent works along with the design and execution team to ensure the safety and completion of the project within budget requirements. It spearheads Well-Planning, Pore Pressure Analysis, and casing and location design, and also provides its values in decommissioning, hurricane restoration, site clearance, and platform removal. By understanding all facets in making a project successful, Crescent arms its clients with necessary reporting to maximize the productivity of the wells. It performs daily field tasks along with its clients to minimize the operating costs.

While in task-intensive conditions, duties like equipment tracking, logistics notification, and transportation can seem mundane and hindering progress, though critical. Rig clerks from Crescent aid onshore, offshore, and international projects to accomplish these objectives, thus allowing the client to focus on rig floor operations. Shorebase dispatchers enable cost efficiency by tracking materials and equipment moving to and from offshore projects.

Crescent adds value to the portfolio of companies with offshore and onshore operations by providing engineering and project management services

Their tasks include coordinating and documenting the storage of materials, communicating offload requirements, and scheduling the arrivals and departures of trucks, vessels and helicopters.

Throughout all the phases of drilling, completion, workover, remedial work, and operations, Crescent provides experienced well-site supervisors with 25 to 40 years applied industry experience. With different tasks and coordinated actions, well-site supervisors of Crescent such as Drilling & Completion Foremen, Cased Hole Foremen, Down Hole Tool Specialists, Project Site Security, Mud / Fluid Specialists, and Contract Pumpers are committed to teamwork and to meet the challenges of the clients.

Safety is a primary concern in all operations, and it sits on the top of Crescent’s priorities. With onsite HSE professional trained in OSHA, BSEE, DOT, MSHA, USCG, TRRC & EPA regulations to assist in the safety program, industrial training programs, gas monitoring and logging, onshore and offshore duties can be carried out without any safety issues. Crescent also dispatches fire watch technicians and site security services, takes care of regulatory compliance such as Permission, SPCC Plans, Storm Water Plans, and H2S Contingency Plans, and carries out Root Cause Analysis for corrective action recommendations in case of incidents.

Crescent is focused on providing quality performance and service through constant coordination with the client, and giving utmost dedication to economics and safety.