Ron Silorio, CTO, Cyber SwitchingRon Silorio, CTO
Electricity has gone “off the grids,” and onto our roads—electric vehicles (EV) are officially here to stay, and while this may alarm the ardent “petrol-head” and his related dependants, it is time to embrace reality and indeed the future. However, fueling EVs has long been a deterrent to their early adoption, as charging points end up losing more money during demand pricing. Power management is critical then, not just for EVs, but in sub-metering for commercial tenant spaces and helping users gain energy efficiency in specific areas, to make adjustments and meet energy goals; this is where Cyber Switching’s capabilities find precedence.

The company has been around since the early 1990s. Cyber Switching holds patents regarding power management over the internet with CTO, Ron Silorio being one of the inventors of the system. The solution provider has taken their technology and broadened it across several other applications in the rest of the building as well, not just the data center or the lab, but also in the tenant management space, building management, lighting loads, HVAC loads, and anything that consumes electrical power so they can monitor and use that data for analytical purposes or maintenance, and even billing customers for electrical usage. Most recently, Cyber Switching has gone into the EV space, where traditionally one charger used to take up one dedicated circuit on the electrical panel, subsequently, raising the need to call the power company to ask for more power, which can be cost prohibitive. In retrospect, if the customer has one circuit available, Cyber Switching can utilize that for use over just one EV charger. The circuit can be multiplexed around four chargers or more, making it efficient and driving the cost down for infrastructure and utility usage by avoiding demand charges over just one charger.

Recently, Cyber Switching implemented their EV charging optimization solution for a group of fleet EVs operated by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) in one of its corporate parking lots.

Cyber Switching doesn’t come only with a dashboard; it comes with a person, a relationship

Having multiple charging points, all of which charge individual cars to full independently, meant that the net power drawn was reasonably high at any given time. Through their intelligent EV management product, EVMC, Cyber Switching facilitated the power to be cycled through fixed intervals to each charger until the end of the day, making sure each car is fully charged while keeping the net power consumed low. This empathy with their customer requirements is a core philosophy for the company, as Silorio adds, “Cyber Switching doesn’t come only with a dashboard; it comes with a person, a relationship.”

Additionally, sub-metering and motor control systems are also a part of Cyber Switching’s energy management portfolio. The provider is putting meters on the systems in individual blocks rather than on buildings or the primary source, to allocate energy in a more efficient manner. Cyber Switching also helps in monitoring HVAC systems and allows customers to effectively deliver predictive maintenance based on the electrical readings and thresholds. The company is focused on the commercial market, providing energy management solutions to large corporations. Evolution for them means taking their monitoring solutions and applying them to the residential space and the EV world, where the potential is significant for their EVMC, especially at homes that have one dedicated circuit. Rendering software support for power distribution via the IoT is the next future-proofing venture that Cyber Switching has launched.