Power outage remains as one of the major concerns for businesses of all sizes as the unplanned downtime leads to lost productivity and tarnished brand reputation. As enterprises leverage high-end data centers and other super-smart gizmos, there is a need for continuous uninterrupted power supply to protect all the devices. Besides, the growing environmental awareness and the increased amount of power wasted each year across the globe have prompted businesses to look for a solution that is reliable, durable, and environmentally friendly. Meeting this growing demand for green IT products is Taipei-based CyberPower, a global power management solution provider that is on a mission to deliver a comprehensive line of power protection products to all sectors including enterprise, corporate, government, and small office/home customers. The company’s power protection products include uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, power distribution units, remote management hardware, surge protectors, and more.

With a vision to enhance their contribution toward environmental conservation, CyberPower has incorporated green practices throughout its manufacturing and operation process to deliver high-quality products. “By adopting our GreenPower UPS™ design, UPS systems are guaranteed to reduce power consumption by up to 70 percent compared to conventional UPS systems,” says Arun Ghosh, Managing Director of CyberPower.

The green power UPS technology improves the existing system design configurations and upgrades into more energy-efficient inverters, allowing a single UPS to save up to 302kWh per year. As a result, IT managers can benefit from significant energy cost reductions with environmentally friendly equipment for data centers and industrial applications.

CyberPower Systems offers an extensive range of products that suits a wide array of customer requirements from large enterprises, data-centers, and SOHO offices to consumers looking to provide protection for their home theatre, home networking, and high-end audio equipment. The newly launched products include CyberPower datacenter UPS, a complete line of versatile infrastructure solutions with simple product configuration, high efficiency, and scalability that is deployed in datacenter environments. CyberPower has also designed Long Backup UPS that offer home and small office users robust surge protection and battery backup in case of brownouts, AC power sags, and total power outages.

CyberPower’s Power Banks is another innovation that has fast charging technology, which recharges faster with 2.5A and provides 2.1A fast output charging to save time on recharging multiple devices. Moreover, it guarantees 500 charging cycles. The premium lithium polymer battery cells are Underwriters Laboratories and Bureau of Indian Standards certified and rigorously tested to ensure top quality and durability. To add more to the list, “We were the first company in the UPS market to integrate LCD screens with UPS systems for user-friendly battery backup management. We offer the largest selection of UPS products with LCD screens,” states Ghosh. CyberPower has also designed innovative, reliable, and efficient solutions for customizing a photovoltaic (PV) system and making the most of solar power. With this, enterprises can track the maximum power point of a PV array to deliver the maximum current available for battery charging.

By adopting our GreenPower UPS design, UPS systems are guaranteed to reduce power consumption by up to 70 percent compared to conventional UPS systems

CyberPower was a key participant in establishing the ENERGY STAR UPS standards in 2011 with the goal to cut down 30 to 50 percent of energy loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A key factor that differentiates CyberPower Systems from many of its energy management competitors across the globe today is its dedication to green IT in every step of its product and solution development lifecycle. Besides being highly approved and a reliable brand across the globe, CyberPower products are 15-20 percent less expensive compared to competing brands. “Our innovative and award-winning power protection solutions provide new ways to safeguard and manage critical equipment, networks, and servers. With almost 90 percent of our UPS systems certified by ENERGY STAR, our products provide reliable performance while saving energy costs and reducing power consumption,” extols Ghosh. Along with the award-winning product line, CyberPower was the first in the industry to offer a three-year warranty for their products that include batteries as well.

Today, CyberPower boasts a complete line of emergency battery backup for all systems. CyberPower produces the most affordable line of dependable uninterruptible power systems and offers the most feature-rich intelligent battery backup power protection units in the market.

Ghosh credits the success of CyberPower’s GreenPower UPS technology to his dedicated engineering team that meticulously architects every product to provide outstanding performance while adhering to international safety and environmental standards. Over the last five years, CyberPower has expanded their business presence to over 125 plus cities worldwide via their B2B and B2C product Lines. The company’s products meet customer expectations of quality, price, and service. “At CyberPower, we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is dependent on the way their expectations are met and how well we deliver our services,” says Ghosh. He explains, “The main advantage is that we have our own manufacturing plant with separate design, R&D, and implementation teams. If there is a demand for a new design, we can get that ready within 20 days. These factors place us a notch above the rest in the market.”

Moving ahead, CyberPower envisions being a leading power protection provider while bringing maximum value to their customers and creating a win-win situation with their channel partners. With a pledge to provide an advanced energy solution for the environment, CyberPower empowers customers with an unprecedented selection of high-quality, feature-rich, and reliable power protection products.