Jan Petter Lie, President Europe, CyvizJan Petter Lie, President Europe
Command & Control rooms play a critical role in maximizing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing risks in the energy industry. Unfortunately, many companies still rely on traditional control room solutions which fail to address the complex and ever evolving needs of these mission-critical systems. As companies now face increasing pressure to optimize operational effectiveness and meet market demand, digitalization of the control room is high on the agenda for many. While digitalization of control rooms can represent cost savings and better efficiency, it also presents a series of challenges associated with digital vulnerability, standardization, and new operating requirements. Helping clients address these challenges is Cyviz, a global technology provider for comprehensive conference rooms, control rooms and experience and innovation centers. The company designs and delivers turnkey video wall solutions and room management for command and control, executive meeting rooms, and versatile hybrid environments.

Cyviz has been delivering command and control room solutions for over 22 years, and they understand the challenges companies face while setting up operations centers in mission-critical environments. As security and compliance top the list of challenges, Cyviz implements advanced security and compliance practices while setting up operations centers. This approach has helped Cyviz win several projects that demand high security, especially in the defense sector and oil and gas industry.

With many companies investing in renewable energy, Cyviz has come up with solutions to optimize the operations of this highly asset-intensive sector. Their solutions enable organizations to bring their assets spread across a vast area into a centralized operations center. By doing so, companies can solve many technical issues efficiently without travelling to the asset location. “Instead of flying the expert to the problem, we bring the problem to the expert,” mentions Jan Petter Lie, President of Cyviz Europe.

At the heart of company’s video wall solution lies the Cyviz Easy Platform, which controls and manages the operations center. As the company understands that the traditional customized way of building a controller is inefficient in a mission-critical environment, they have revolutionized room control and management through a standard platform. The platform is upgradeable and easy to use, which enable operators to work on it seamlessly. The platform, along with the software and applications, supports a dynamic workflow. Operators can access the data feeds coming from various asset locations in seconds and make better mission critical decisions. The standardized delivery model also allows the company to reduce the risks that come with a potential deployment. “As we do not deploy anything that hasn’t been tested before, we can reduce the risks in every step of the process,” mentions Mr. Lie.

Instead of flying the expert to the problem, we bring the problem to the expert

In one instance, TrønderEnergi, an international renewable energy company that has been experimenting with its onshore integrated operation centers approached Cyviz. The company wanted to upgrade their technology and build a next-generation control room to improve operational efficiency. With that, the client wanted to support their ongoing drilling operations at various geographic locations. Cyviz successfully built an integrated operation center for the client, which supported their entire workflows and enabled them to make fast decisions. As Cyviz deployed their standardized platform, the client can effortlessly upgrade their solutions at any time in the future. Their control room outside of Trondheim, Norway, is one of the most modern and future-proofed facilities of its kind in the Nordics.

Such capabilities stem from Cyviz’s experience in implementing complex operation centers that are critical for 24/7 mission-critical environments. Moving ahead, the company is planning to augment their solutions with new capabilities making use of technology such as AI. In addition, as many companies deploy drones and other innovative ways to inspect their assets, such as gridlines, Cyviz continues to innovate and help clients bring such capabilities onboard.