The advent of drone technology has been one of the major boons to the human race, and with the growing innovation, it is proving beneficial in sectors difficult for men to reach and manually inspect. One of them is the energy sector where drones are increasingly replacing humans in dangerous inspections and deployments, consequently enhancing productivity and making the workplace safer. However, drone technology is not only about the UAVs but also the high-end software supporting the aircrafts’ functioning. Among a handful of companies developing software dedicatedly for the drones to be deployed in the global energy sector, DroneDeploy shines out for the value proposition it brings to the table. Located in the heart of San Francisco, DroneDeploy is a leading cloud software platform for commercial drones, a part of which is completely dedicated for providing solutions in mines and quarries, oil and gas, and solar energy companies. It comes with features like real-time drone mapping, gathering of data for any map, model, or analysis, robust processing capabilities, providing the users with powerful cloud photogrammetry, and more.

It was Michael Winn, an ex-Google employee, who had founded DroneDeploy in 2013 focused on introducing drones in businesses and enhancing the user experience or user interface.

According to Winn, their platform has the capability to appeal to diverse users while also providing flexibility in terms of export formats, volume calculation, and accuracy in dealing with large amounts of data.

Built on the mission of making skies open and accessible for everyone, DroneDeploy is focused on unifying the drone industry

For the businesses in the oil and gas industry, the DroneDeploy platform enables aerial surveys, efficient identification of any risk, and monitoring of assets across production facilities and pipelines. It not only improves site operations but also allows overseeing each project completion through all the phases. Even for the solar panel installation and inspection, DroneDeploy ensures safety and efficient time management while generating accurate roof measurements and 3D models for the sites. The deployment of DroneDeploy’s solutions in mines and quarries enables stockpile inventory management, helping in mine planning and excavation using fast and accurate aerial data. With a large number of integrations in place, DroneDeploy amplifies this data provided by the drones. DroneDeploy also offers integrations with applications like AirMap, Sentera, Thermal Roof Inspection, Autodesk, and many more.

Be it the early detection of leaks in the pipelines carrying oil and gas from wells to refineries, or accelerating design cycle at solar energy companies, DroneDeploy’s solutions are turning to be highly advantageous in the realm of energy. Built on the mission of making skies open and accessible for everyone, DroneDeploy is focused on unifying the drone industry. Its platform connects the developers, pilots, and hardware partners with powerful tools to integrate and use aerial data in everyday operations. Having partnered with DJI—the leading drone manufacturer of the world—the company has succeeded in deploying its solutions in some of the vital projects.

North America has the largest crude oil storage facility in Oklahoma, which had once extracted 85 million barrels of crude oil storage. Dale Parrish, the owner of Hover Visions, a drone service company at Oklahoma, who had already been leveraging DroneDeploy’s solutions at his workplace mainly with DJI, was hired to monitor and provide drone photography for the crude oil shortage in the area. Working with the DroneDeploy’s team in providing orthomosaic, elevation, and 3D maps, he could reduce manual labor and bring cost savings of about $3,500 in over five-months of the contract period. The whole arrangement had turned out to be a great success.

Today, DroneDeploy’s software is used in more than 180 countries across the world, and by now, its customers have mapped about 30 million acres of land for their operations. With its commendable progress and vision, and the pole position it has already achieved in the industry, a bright future awaits the company.