Edward Eichstetter, CEO, EKU Power DrivesEdward Eichstetter, CEO
Driven by the mission to help oil and gas companies enhance their frac economics and increase productivity, Germany-based EKU Power Drives marks the beginning of a new era of efficient energy production. An automation company, EKU creates proven technologies that combine power generation with robust software-driven control systems to ensure human welfare and deliver significant cost benefits to clients.

EKU offers its proprietary Engine Standby Controller (ESC) system, a lithium battery-based control system that can be retrofitted in existing pressure pumping equipment. The system adds an external fluids circulation and heating system to the powertrain, which enhances frac operations with its energy management controller. The ESC system automatically shuts down the powertrain when not in use and immediately restarts it when operators want to begin the frac pumping process.

“Automation is the very foundation of what we do. With the ESC system, we have changed the way oil and gas companies used and produced energy conventionally, helping them boost performance, unlock energy efficiency, and increase profits,” says Edward Eichstetter, CEO of EKU.

By eliminating idle time and optimizing non-productive time (NPT), operators can synchronize the use of the equipment and production. As there is no wear and tear on the frac pump during the no-load operation, the system extends the life span of the equipment while allowing clients to reduce fuel consumption, emission, and, consequently, the carbon footprint of the oilfields.

The ESC system automates various processes involved in hydraulic fracturing. Operators do not have to juggle multiple equipment for carrying out these operations and have the opportunity to reduce their equipment footprint. For instance, the ESC system eliminates the need for tractors to start the frac pump. This way, clients can save significant costs involved in the maintenance of tractors and other equipment and realize ROIs in less than a year’s time.

EKU also offers the Vulcan Heater—a unique smart diesel or natural gas-fueled heater solution—to defrost the frac equipment. In Canada or the northern part of the U.S., clients are often challenged with the freezing of equipment engines due to extremely cold temperatures. The Vulcan uses the hot-swap technology to condition the powertrain in between stages without having to idle it. The heater solution is capable of maintaining the optimum temperature of the engine regardless of the surrounding temperature, even when the equipment is in transit.

Equally impressive is Sophia, EKU’s first smart automation cloud platform, which helps clients monitor the performance of its products and track fuel consumption and emission. Sophia helps clients adhere to ESG regulations and ensure sustainability.

With the ESC system, we have changed the way oil and gas companies used and produced energy conventionally, helping them boost performance, unlock energy efficiency, and increase profits

EKU has helped numerous clients enhance their bottom lines. One of its clients realized enormous cost savings using EKU’s products. Every time the client bought EKU’s product, they reduced one tractor from their fleet. By selling the tractors and investing that money in purchasing more EKU products, they instantaneously achieved ROIs. With fewer tractors, the client could also significantly lower insurance costs.

What helps EKU script these success stories is its ability to meet the modern needs of its clients. It documents client requirements and escalates them to its dedicated R&D department to develop products accordingly. Based on user feedback, EKU constantly improves its offerings to ensure full customer satisfaction.

“We offer robust products because we have developed them with a keen focus on customer needs,” says Eichstetter. While other companies lack the bandwidth to develop these high-quality products, EKU is committed to ensuring all its products significantly benefit the industry.

Not confining itself to idle management, EKU is focusing on electrifying frac pumps. With extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and deep-rooted technical expertise, the EKU team speaks the same language as its clients and continues to bring novel products to the table.