In the past few years, the digital oilfield approach in the oil industry has gained sufficient momentum and has transformed from being a vision to projects that delivers measurable value. According to the 2016 Digital Oil Outlook Report—in today’s lower crude oil prices, when oil and gas industry is undertaking effective measures to drive a higher level of productivity—a renewed call to action for businesses is deployment of digital innovations. Going digital will drive financial and operational performance, enabling oil companies to strongly emerge from the oil price slump. In such critical scenario, eLynx—a company focused on real-time data collection and monitoring for the oil and gas industry, steps in to combines business process management with advanced information technologies, streamlining and automating the execution of diverse operations. “We automate production, data management, and monitoring of operations in real-time on over 40,000 oil wells,” says Stephen Jackson, President, and CEO, eLynx Technologies.

Injecting intelligence in the process of monitoring production operations in real time and accelerating remote or on-site decision-making, eLynx provides its flagship cloud-based product, SCADALynx—an automated remote monitoring and field data capture software. Since there is a sharp line between embracing digital and profitability, SCADALynx collects data, efficiently monitors and controls, reports production, trending and alarm alerts, at a speed that will enable companies to respond instantaneously, making profit. With this software-as-a-service model, employees can work productively as they have access to up to date data. SCADALynx gives producers a holistic view of the production operations, enabling them to attain real-time production analysis, surveillance, and control. Companies can now analyze flow computers, compressors, pipelines, tanks and artificial lift devices in real time. SCADALynx allows firms to bring more devices online faster to gain immediate insight into exploration and production data from anywhere.

To deliver information whenever and wherever needed, the company opens a window into the remote well sites through WellLynx XI, a product for global coverage, which utilizes the Iridium satellite network.

We automate production, manage data, and monitor operations in real-time on over 40,000 oil wells

With special features for oil and gas industry, WellLynx XI satellite-connected communication devices remotely monitors flow, level, temperature, pressure, threshold and alarm notifications in conjunction with SCADALynx. Additionally, eLynx’s i4D, a four-input discrete alarming device that again uses the Iridium satellite network develops communication even in the most remote locations. The only requirement is for the antenna and the status changes associated with compressors, tank levels, and pumps are sent to the eLynx datacenter and to the producers.

Instant data intelligence and automation are the backbone of today’s oil producers. To Keep production flowing at full capacity, eLynx provides Artificial Lift solution that integrates real time data of well and reservoir monitoring, around-the-clock surveillance and downhole lift monitoring, and continuous tracking of flow rate, pressure, temperature and fluid density. At the same time, liquid measurement is equally critical for an informed management of the oil rigs. The company enables producers to proactively monitor tank levels, pressure gauges and sensing devices from a single screen to measure liquid production.

To take the digital oilfield to the next level, the company has been working on various innovations that leverages modern cloud platforms, data science, and industry and academic partners to address customers’ needs of tomorrow. Jackson emphasizes that predictive analytics is the cornerstone of eLynx future vision. Proactive insights and prescriptive actions will enable the company’s customers to identify and manage issues before they occur, avoiding expensive repairs, and minimizing lost revenue from downtime due to equipment failure. Jackson reveals that eLynx will be launching its first predictive analytics product in the fall of 2016, featuring support for electrical submersible pumps.