How stable and clean is your power? Correcting your power factor, eliminating excessive harmonics, and mitigating voltage sags have many long-lasting benefits. EM Energy Solutions is a company specialized in the power quality and power protection market. EM has units and systems to address most problems, ensuring that you always have clean, high-quality power for less unplanned downtime, better equipment performance, and lower electricity bills. Many customers try to adapt to the problems, instead of checking the cause for the equipment damage (or improper function) or looking for a better solution in the market. Many users try to adapt to the worsening situation or start operations all over again. As such, EM Energy Solutions provides an apt answer to this woe by delivering a solution that can accurately assess their infrastructure’s power quality and allow their devices to function at max efficiency. Our customers benefit from improved power quality which enables energy savings, increased productivity, guaranteed process reliability and grid code compliance.

EM Energy Solutions focuses on building power quality and energy-saving devices and Power Quality Analysis (PQA) services for their clients and provides them with systems for power protection. EM designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of world leading power quality solutions for dynamic reactive power compensation, active harmonic filtering, power protection and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to improve the Power Quality of all devices of an organization.
  • EM Energy Solutions focuses on building power quality and energy-saving devices and Power Quality Analysis (PQA) services for their clients and provides them with systems for power protection

EM Energy Solutions Active Power Filter (APF), a multi-functional unit that addresses most of their power quality issues and deliver a real-time response to power quality problems. First, this unitsenses the harmonic distortions created by the non-linear loads in the network and provide an effective and real-time response to cancel harmonic distortions. Second, it can dynamically improve the plants efficiency and remove utility penalties by enhancing the power factor. Third, it can balance the incoming current and stabilize the voltage to avoid power fluctuations. Overall, the APF serves as a must-have for companies with regular low power supply and oscillation incidents.

EM made a simpler version of their APF called Static Var Generator (SVG) for companies solely focused on improving their systems power factor. SVG is basically an APF with a simpler processor inside and is designed exclusively to improve a client organization’s power factor.

The new EMES SVG Profiles the load and operates with a dynamic reaction time is less than 50μs and a response speed of <15ms. The SVG has the capability to deliver instantaneous capacitive and inductive reactive power compensation with no possibility of over-compensation or undercompensating. The SVG is also optimized for highly dynamic applications where conventional capacitor banks or reactor banks are unable to track the loads.

The SVG also takes away the most vulnerable and weakest link in a traditional PFC system – the switched capacitors. Various environmental conditions (eg. excessive temperature, over-voltage, harmonic distortion) may cause capacitors to rupture and ignite.

Unlike traditional capacitor-based systems, the SVG does not negatively interact with your electrical system. Today’s harmonically rich environments are tough on capacitor-based systems with increased risks of resonance and capacitor failures. The SVG has a design service life of more than 100,000 hours without maintenance. That is more than 10 years operation in a plant that operates 24/7. In comparison capacitor-based systems can last as little as three years.

Along with providing the active devices, many companies have sought EM’s aid in the past for its power quality measurement services to help them assess the power quality of their infrastructure and give them suggestions to improve upon them. EM`S motto “You can’t change what you can’t see”. EMES portable Power Quality Analyzers allow our customers to see and analyze their power quality and reveal hidden problems which can affect multiple aspects of their business. Power quality issues may not always be easy to spot but these hidden problems affect multiple aspects of their business, with a long list of destructive and costly effects. For example, one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Europe, contacted the enterprise to conduct a PQA analysis on their plant. EM went there to conduct the assessment and linked the resulting data to the internet to access it remotely. Later, the company analyzed the data to see the facility’s problems and decided the type of unit they needed. As a result, EM improved the plant’s performance and received payback for its services within a year.

Many companies sought EM’s aid for its PQA services to help them assess the power quality of their infrastructure and give them suggestions to improve upon them

After providing optimum power achievement services, the company has now set its sight on attempting to reduce the power demand charge of the clients. As we know, the greater the demand for electrical power, the greater the cost of acquiring it. Consequently, EM Energy is developing solutions that enable the consumers to charge their batteries when the electricity price is off peak and lowest cost which is then utilized when the price goes up during peak times of day, effectively reducing the demand charge.

EM Energy Solutions not only accurately assesses the power quality of its client’s infrastructure but also provides them with solutions that allow their devices to function with maximum capacity.