With the increase in industry regulations, along with an unstable environment that breeds multiple risk factors, organizations in the energy sector need to implement effective internal control measures with better risk management today. However, there is a growing concern about the real preparedness of energy industry as companies are entering a new technological era marking the end of "easy oil" and mandating operational risk management to be an integral component in a company. This is where Chicago-based Enablon comes in, assisting firms worldwide in reducing risks, ensuring compliance and improving operational efficiency. The company views risk as an enterprise-wide challenge and meticulously monitors existing risks while identifying emerging risks to ensure reliability and seamless operations.

Enablon’s comprehensive, integrated and modular software suite allows companies to identify and manage their operational risks by strengthening their audits and control processes. The risk assessment and management software ensures visibility and control over increasing internal and external risks. The software covers the entire risk management cycle—from risk identification to reporting. “We offer a proven path to a successful program implementation which minimizes risks and maximizes the value delivered,” says Philippe Tesler, Co- Founder and CEO of Enablon.

Another problem prevailing in the energy sector is the need to be compliant with a variety of regulatory schemes that incite companies to validate their internal control and thereby improve upon performance control system. Enablon’s Internal Control (IC) and Internal Audit (IA) software are built specifically to simplify reporting and monitoring, improve collaboration, and to provide greater compatibility with the existing information systems. From identifying and managing strategic and tactical risks to strengthening controls and processes, the solutions reduce the complexity associated with regulatory compliance and effectively manage compliance programs for companies.

“Our solutions are recognized for their robustness, reliability, and ease of implementation,” says Tesler. For the organizations undergoing changes to their policies and IT infrastructure all the time, Enablon offers Change Management software to gain a visibility of all change requests, identify operational risks, and ensure that these risks are assessed and mitigated on time.

Enablon offers a proven path to a successful program implementation which minimizes risks and maximizes the value delivered

A better analysis of changes encourages companies to increase accountability through real-time notifications and better align goals with company operations.

Meanwhile, in the entire category of risks, operational risks, natural disaster or health crisis are the most possible ones that put a question mark on the sustainability, continuity, and action plan of energy enterprises. To address the challenges head-on, Enablon offers Incident Management, and Business Continuity Management software that ensures expert root cause analysis, and identifies the potential consequences of a crisis, respectively. “Our mission is to help companies become more sustainable,” says Tesler. Enablon realizes the need to meet simultaneous objectives (depending upon the nature of tasks), and offer its Action Plan software in the system architecture to assist with action plans, track completion, manage reminders, ensure follow-up and create reports.

Currently, Enablon's powerful risk management and internal control systems are being used by over thousands of users in multiple sites, either as on-demand services or as internally hosted applications. With its rapidly growing customer base, the company plans to meet the evolving requirements that reduce risk, ensure compliance and improve performance, while providing maximum customer satisfaction