John Huggart, CEO, Energy ActionJohn Huggart, CEO
While the renewable energy market is volatile and evolving in terms of the availability and cost of supply, Australian businesses are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources to manage costs and reduce their carbon footprint. However, the pathway to effectively harnessing renewable energy to ensure favourable outcomes requires carefully managing a number of associated risks.

This includes having the confidence that the specifications of energy contracts meet businesses’ individual needs and comply with renewable and emissions reporting requirements.

When seeking to navigate these issues, many corporate and commercial energy users rely on independent advice and recommendations relating to renewable energy providers. But as many advisors have an agenda that often conflicts with a client’s business needs, securing a truly independent advisor is a challenge in the sector.

As an independent agency that supports clients to optimise energy procurement strategies and more effectively manage consumption, Australian energy management firm, Energy Action, is in a unique position. The firm specialises in assisting clients to minimise energy costs, reduce emissions, and increase the value of their assets.

With more than 20 years of proficiency in the Australian energy sector, Energy Action strives to enhance ‘choice and competitive tension’ within the deregulated energy market and introduced the country’s first reverse auction platform for energy procurement. Energy Action has expanded its service offering to include a range of procurement approaches that can be tailored to client requirements for energy and environmental procurement, renewable project selection and long term corporate PPA assessments.

The firm delivers a competitive energy cost outcome to clients and leverages its in-house expertise to ensure opportunities from bill savings and reduced energy consumption to automated delivery of valuable information and insights, validated bills, and tariff reviews.

“Energy Action acts on behalf of our clients, helping them understand technical jargon and systems while securing the most favourable outcomes,” says John Huggart, CEO at Energy Action.

Energy Action allows businesses to take control of their energy usage through its integrated offering that spans energy procurement services, contract management and reporting, and efficiency and sustainability services.
These coalesce around Energy Actions core strengths—the expertise represented within its national team, independence to advise on the best deals and systems that support efficient delivery.

Looking more closely at these services, Energy Action’s procurement teams are leveraging a range of tools, including utilizing reverse auctions, bespoke tender models, and recommendations to help clients obtain the most competitive energy supply contracts from retailers.

The company empowers clients to improve and manage their on-site energy generation and management processes with expert advisory services on energy efficiency and sustainability. The various services in this area include metering intelligence, building monitoring including automated fault detection and environmental reporting plus partnering for on-site power generation projects with Solar and Microgrids.

While Energy Action has initiated dozens of solar energy projects for its clients, an excellent example of the firm’s expertise in the renewable energy industry is its participation in facilitating a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney. The PPA was sought to ensure the supply of renewable energy to UNSW across a number of facilities during university operating hours in support of UNSW’s objective to achieve carbon neutrality on energy use by 2020.

To establish the PPA, UNSW established a consortium with Energy Action and legal advisor, Norton Rose Fulbright, to identify a coordinated arrangement between a reputable renewable generator (Maoneng Australia) and a retailer (Origin Energy) which was successfully executed in December 2017.

As independent advisors to around 5,000 corporate, commercial, and industrial firms, Energy Action’s ability to identify cost-efficiency and understand client requirements keeps it at the forefront of innovation in the industry. The company plans to expand its service portfolio in the wake of rapidly evolving battery technologies, voltage optimization, and ‘demand-side management,’ to present new opportunities for clients in the future.