Scott Case, Chief Operating Officer, EnergySavvyScott Case, Chief Operating Officer
Utilities, today, are undergoing a massive transition and are expanding their energy portfolio to include alternative energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy, while also increasing the communications mediums and offers. At the same time, customers are demanding a more personalized experience similar to that provided by Amazon and Netflix. Utilities, however, are unable to get a unified view of customer data and utility program performance owing to their patchwork of legacy and modern systems and disparate data. Additionally, upgrading and customizing these systems often prove to be both expensive and unstable. EnergySavvy is helping gas and electric utilities manage this transition and redefine the utility customer experience. Founded in 2008, Seattle based EnergySavvy has developed a Utility Customer Experience (UCX) platform that solves the most important issues that utilities are facing including disparate data, disconnected systems, lack of personalization, and manual processes.

EnergySavvy’s UCX platform is purpose-built for utilities and brings together all the relevant utility customer data, messages, qualification criteria, and channels. The platform then uses advanced analytics and machine learning to prioritize offers for each customer based on their unique energy use patterns, billing history, known premise characteristics, demographics, and weather—either proactively or at the time of engagement. This enables utilities to deliver the right message to customers on their preferred channels, and facilitates a consistent experience through the contact center, customer portal, or emails. “Our utility-specific data model brings together relevant data to power a consistent and personalized customer experience across any channel,” states Scott Case, chief operating officer, EnergySavvy.

Personalization is a continuing trend in the smart energy solutions landscape. Given that customers have more choices than before, it is critical for utilities to offer tailored experiences. EnergySavvy’s UCX platform helps utilities offer a perfect fit for each customer in order of priority and rate plans that meet their needs proactively, which results in fewer customer complaints, reduced number of calls to the contact center, and most importantly, higher customer satisfaction. Further, the UCX platform can be implemented in a matter of weeks and requires no massive IT upgrades, making it quicker and cheaper to implement than other solutions in the marketplace. The platform can plug into any utility system, enabling utilities to see results instantly and facilitating easy configuration right out of the box.

Our independence and focus of vision bring a unique blend of agility and innovation with a sophisticated, enterprise-class solution unmatched by any other emerging company in the utility sector

“Integration is made easy with our ability to seamlessly complement any system, data, or hosting needs,” adds Case.

The COO narrates how EnergySavvy partnered with a large eastern utility on a pilot to help resolve issues for half a million low-to-moderate income customers by providing personalized solution recommendations, either via email or when calling into the customer service center. With EnergySavvy, 200 of the client’s customer service representatives gained access to these personalized recommendations, enabling them to quickly recommend the most appropriate solution for each customer—ensuring that solution information is presented consistently, improving call resolution and boosting program enrollment. The pilot’s results to date showed that these recommendations boosted enrollment rates in recommended programs by nearly 60 percent, increased email click-to-open rates by 300 percent, reduced arrears by 15 percent, and led to a 7 percent decrease in repeat calls.

EnergySavvy has invested over $30 million and nearly a decade of enterprise utility software experience to develop a unique utility-focused approach, one that has been proven in over 100 software deployments across more than 30 clients. The company continues to invest and innovate its UCX platform with a goal to transform the way utilities interact and serve their customers. Moving forward, EnergySavvy aims to partner with a number of technology and consulting firms over the next few months. “Our independence and focus of vision bring a unique blend of agility and innovation with a sophisticated, enterprise-class solution unmatched by any other emerging company in the utility sector,” concludes Case.