Anupam Gopal, President and SaloniTikku, Accounting Manager, EnerzinxAnupam Gopal, President and SaloniTikku, Accounting Manager

Today, with the impacts of climate change more apparent than ever, the movement toward replacing fossil fuels with greener alternatives has never been stronger. In the energy sector, the declining cost of wind and solar assets has helped renewable capacities to grow significantly over the last decade. However, renewable energy for power generation has still not gained widespread adoption due to the engineering and economic challenges that come with integrating greener energy assets into the grid. One of the major hurdles in renewable integration is the fact that most grid systems are designed with conventional thermal generation in mind. Conventional generators with large rotating masses, provide significant inertial stability. The renewable-based generation leverages fundamentally different technology, which does not provide the same level of inertial stability. Hence, increasing renewable penetration, without compromising on grid security is challenging.

Bridging this gap between renewable energy solutions and grid operators, with its comprehensive consulting services for electrical design and development is Texas-based Enerzinx. The company has deep and long-running partnerships with leading developers, generation owners, equipment manufacturers, and financial institutions. “Our ability to perform impeccable engineering using state of the art power system modeling tools for seamless grid integration of renewable power enables us to position Enerzinx as a unique partner,” says Anupam Gopal, president at Enerzinx.
Since its inception in 2014, Enerzinx has quickly expanded its operations and footprint to become seasoned experts in providing technical assistance for various large and small-scale renewable energy projects across the globe.

Currently, the company’s services suite comprises three core offerings, each specially geared toward improving the overall efficiency of a renewable energy generation unit’s development, installation, and maintenance.

Enerzinx offers in-depth analysis services that enable businesses to find the best-suited sites for their project and handle the electrical engineering and grid interconnectivity in a thorough and systematic manner. For equipment manufacturers, the company provides its equipment modeling
service offering, which facilitates comprehensive mathematical modeling using industry-standard tools such as PSSE, PSCAD, etc. further Enerzinx has a power system studies group that performs specialized studies related to grid integration of renewable resources. On the other hand, Enerzinx leverages its global network of renewable energy partners to commission wind and solar energy assets for its clients. Alternatively, the company’s R&D division conducts specialized studies to assess emerging renewable energy equipment/solutions’s technical and market viability.

Building on the core competencies of the company, Dr. Amritpal Singh, director at Enerzinx, mentions, “Our deep partnerships with world-class equipment manufacturers in the energy space allows us to test and design products that incorporate and combine patented technologies.”

Our ability to perform impeccable engineering while simultaneously modeling accurate power system modeling for seamless grid integration of renewable power enables us to position Enerzinx as a unique partner

He then elaborates on how Enerzinx’s commitment to effective data privacy and security is perfectly highlighted by its choice to leverage Atlassian’s JIRA proprietary issue tracking solution, - robust product built for secure and efficient bug tracking and product management. Another prime factor in Enerzinx’s continued pioneering work is Mr. Gopal’s vision to automate cumbersome processes and minimize human intervention during the product development and testing phases. This focus on automation also extends into the company’s grid integration services, where the programming scripts are developed to allow seamless connection and accurate predictive capabilities to manage generation variables. To achieve this vision, Mr. Gopal has transformed his company into a hub of talented programmers capable of sophisticated algorithms that allow comprehensive analysis of the grid system.

Enerzinx’s portfolio reveals a success story where the company worked closely with Hawaii Electric Company HECO, equipment manufacturers and developers to develop complex mathematical models of several hybrid projects. These models were used extensively to understand the technical challenges associated with the Hawaiian government Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) goal of achieving a fossil fuel-free target by 2045. Enerzinx engineers worked closely with their partners spread across three continents to help HECO better understand and mitigate challenges linked to its RPS targets.

During this project, the company leveraged the technical prowess of its engineers and programmers to develop sophisticated automation tools that greatly reduced the analysis time. As a result, the stakeholders developed deeper insights and reliable results. Once this was completed, Enerzinx worked together with the customer and its top partners in the world of renewable energy equipment manufacturing to design and produce innovative products that maximized performance.

Looking ahead, Enerzinx plans to complete a similar renewable energy implementation in Australia by helping utility providers traverse the country’s complex regulatory mandates. From an organizational standpoint, the company is currently “in ultra-hiring mode” with hiring at full tilt as it plans to capitalize on the imminent opportunities in the global renewable arena. Geographically, Enerzinx aims to expand its footprint in the Indian, U.S., and Australian markets. With the unique combination of holistic industry expertise and an innovative approach to addressing customer challenges, Enerzinx is perfectly poised to further its impact on the renewable energy space, and the world at large.