Vivian Yuen-Lee, M.Eng., M.Sc., MBA, Founder and Chief Engineer & Data Scientist, ENGENIUS GROUP LTDVivian Yuen-Lee, M.Eng., M.Sc., MBA, Founder and Chief Engineer & Data Scientist
In the past few years, the oil and gas industry has accumulated an enormous amount of data to accelerate its digital transformation initiatives. However, the data is not being used to its full potential as data science is still a relatively new frontier in this specific sector. Many companies, including large corporate, are still struggling to incorporate data science and analytics into their operations and business processes. SMEs, on the other hand, typically lack the expertise, capital, and computing resources necessary for implementing sophisticated solutions.

That’s where Engenius Group Ltd. can help.

As a multi-faceted consulting company, Engenius Group possesses in-depth industry knowledge, extensive technical experience, business capability, data science skills, and access to a network of specialized researchers and technical experts.

Started as a traditional engineering consulting company focusing on reservoir and formation tests analysis, equipment design, and research and development, Engenius Group has expanded its service offering to include business/ management consulting and applies data science techniques to augment engineering and business analyses. The company is dedicated to assisting large corporates or SMEs with engineered test analysis, operations/production forecast, scientific research, and business analyses, such as market analysis, competitive analysis, and financial analysis.

Engenius Group tailors its engineering and business projects to each client’s unique objective and can integrate data science and/or analytics technologies to complement its work in various fields, including petroleum engineering, geomechanics, marketing, finance and business management. Its clients can choose to work with commercial software or open-source tools, as well as various data warehousing systems depending on their project’s specific needs and budget. To better serve the small- to medium sized customer base, Engenius Group seeks and develops robust, self-service analytics tools as cost-effective options, and this does not limit to businesses in oil and gas. For example, the company has been recently engaged to develop a machine learning solution for making predictions on various engineeringparameters related to oil & gas production.

As SMEs typically have limited access to specialized engineering and technology resources and expertise, we have found an opportunity to help these businesses in filling this gap,” says Vivian Yuen-Lee, Chief Engineer &Data Scientist at Engenius Group.

Engenius Group believes that artificial intelligence or machine learning solutions are extremely useful for massive data collection, speedy analysis, prevention of human errors, and capturing trends or patterns. The company is also familiar with the fact that a skill gap exists between the current workforce and this data-driven world. To this end, Engenius Group possesses specialized engineering experience along with extensive knowledge and skills in both business management and data analytics.
  • We believe that machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, can be a game-changing technology in engineering and business applications

Its data science specializations include data mining, statistical analysis, data visualization, machine learning, diagnostic analytics as well as predictive and prescriptive analytics. This unique combination of expertise can effectively help connect the dots when solving complex engineering and business problems. In addition to its in-house expertise, Engenius Group’s connection to the research and academia community helps them tackle any advanced technological challenges.

“We want to make a difference by introducing more advanced data science-based technologies to the Canadian oil & gas industry and beyond,” says Yuen-Lee. “This year marks the 10th anniversary of Engenius, and we have new plans to grow our data science services beyond the oil and gas industry in the short- to medium-term.”