Charles Kitowski, CEO, Enovation AnalyticsCharles Kitowski, CEO
Headline events and changing economics, whether the Inflation Reduction Act, ESG mandates, supply chain and tariff issues, resilience challenges, or regulatory shifts, are accelerating the importance of energy resources beyond central plants by nearly every metric. The number of projects, the power represented in those projects in MW’s and as a percentage of the generation mix, and variety of stakeholders in distributed energy resources’ (DER) success are unprecedented. The current reality includes very real challenges translating possibilities into actionable plans for development, investment, and the “better” grid of the future.

Enovation Analytics helps address these challenges throughout the value delivery chain, from concept through operations, by providing insights into renewable energy and battery technology deployments across geographies through its advanced AI and ML-powered platform. The cloud-based analytical platform provides developers, utilities, investors, and municipalities easy access to position, pricing, and performance analysis across multiple types of DERs. With flexibility at the core, Enovation Analytics’s platform helps clients understand the projects spanning from behind-the-meter (BTM) to front-of-themeter (FTM) to distribution level solutions in the energy space.

The Enovation Analytics platform enables clients to take an analytical approach to solve complex problems by running thousands of different scenarios and identifying solutions that create value for them. Using the platform, clients can stay compliant with the regulatory changes across independent system operators and electricity markets and comprehend the impact of new regulations on their businesses.

The platform also powers the company’s advisory services that cover an array of subjects, including interconnection agreements, congestion impacts, independent engineering, market strategy review, revenue optimization, and risk analysis.

“We bring a wealth of experience not only from electrical engineering and grid operations expertise but from commodity trading and asset operation perspective. Our software-as-aservice techno-economic analysis and predictive analytics tool assembles and turns data into information that can be used by our customers to evaluate and improve results,” says Charles Kitowski, CEO of Enovation Analytics.

The Enovation Analytics platform leverages millions of data features to drive pricing analysis and build forecasting models to understand future scenarios and mitigate price risks. More, the data services provide market participants and asset managers with near-term price forecasting to determine a price basis for production and asset dispatch, facilitating bid strategies and asset deployment planning. It accurately predicts nearterm energy prices with portfolio short-term dispatch optimization of storage and hybrid renewable resources. Through these services, Enovation Analytics has enabled clients to earn greater profits in the commodities market over the years.

For instance, a client solicited Enovation Analytics’s market price forecasting services. Providing their trading desks with valuable insights, it increased profitability by forecasting prices for energy asset management in the ERCOT market.
  • Our software-as-a-service techno-economic analysis and predictive analytics tool assembles and turns data into information that can be used by our customers to evaluate and improve results

In another instance, Enovation Analytics supported the optimization of energy storage assets for a company operating in two separate markets in the U.S. Enovation Analytics successfully assisted the client in the negotiation process for the acquisition of large-scale assets.

While catering to each client, Enovation Analytics focuses on understanding their objectives and the challenges associated with the project. The company’s platform then models and analyzes the project and identifies location-specific aspects regarding interconnection agreements, supply chains, investment tax credits, and regulations. Enovation Analytics encapsulates the challenges for each project and develops solutions around them to create value.

Combining multiple disciplines to solve complex problems around energy storage and distributed energy pricing, Enovation Analytics has established itself as a trusted commercial organization that supports economic investment. Backed by the best resources and the latest AI and ML technologies, it continues to leverage new data and analytical approaches to help clients take advantage of emerging opportunities and make the best decisions possible.